Slovenian winery of the week: Doppler winery


Originally founded in 1815 by a community of Benedictine monks from Admont in Austria, the beautiful 38-hectare estate was purchased in 1938 by Ivan Doppler (the grandfather of the current owner, Mihaela), who himself came from a long line of winemakers.

A new winery and production facility was opened here in 2010, combining modern technology with centuries-old winery traditions, which set amongst the pristine forested hills north of Maribor looks something like a futuristic military outpost or cinematic villain’s lair – the completely computerised Doppler complex even includes access via a fingerprint scanner.

doppler dopler winery

Of course it’s the wine itself that stands out the most here, boasting numerous Decanter winners from its recent vintages. Like most producers in the Štajerska region, white accounts for the majority of production, although they also produce a fine red (cheekily called Efekt, as in the Doppler Effect) and an awarding-winning sparkling wine (Diona), which is often referred to as the pride of the winery.

Kozjak 79, Zgornja Kungota
+386 2 654 32 02
[email protected]

Source: THE Slovenia Wine: Top 125 Experience

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