Frešer Winery / Štajerska Wine Region

frešer winery

Now in the 7th generation of winemakers, the Frešer family knows a thing or two about how to cultivate the land on their 12 hectare estate, set at altitude of 400m in the rolling hills on southeastern edges of the Pohorje mountains. The superb views alone are reason enough to visit the small village of Ritoznoj where the family’s house is located, but it’s the ambience of the 300-year-old wine cellar, and of course the selection of wine found within, that draws visitors here.

Producing mainly Frešer white wines, including a couple of award-winning Reislings, the cellar has such perfect conditions for storing wine, that individuals can actually rent out ‘safes’ in which to store their own personal collections. If the ubterraneantemperatures are too cool for you, tastings can also be done above ground, where in addition to the views guests are treated to a taste of various cheeses, cured meats and homemade regional

Ritoznoj 17, Slovenska Bistrica
+386 31 577 980

Source: THE Slovenia Wine: Top 125 Experience

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