TOP Culinary and Gastronomic Events of 2020


Dear Foodies and culinary enthusiasts, we have gathered the Top culinary and gastronomic events of 2020! From The Slovenia Restaurant Awards to festivals of chocolate, beer, sausages, BBQ, chili, wine and much more!

Check out the Top Culinary and Gastronomic Events of 2020 below and taste Slovenia!


3rd of February: The 5th ‘Krodegin’ Sausage Day in Dutovlje

8th of February: Refuscus Mundi in Izola

13th of February: Gourmet Night: Jakončič vs. Kupljen in the Grand Hotel Bernardin

13th of February: Carnival Tuesday in Ptuj and other Slovenian bigger cities

22nd of February: Bohinj Culinary Market in Bohinj


7th of March: Pruning of the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world in Maribor

13th of March: Festival of Coffee in Celje

13th of March till 20th of December: Osmica in the Karst in Komen

13th of March: 5th Kulinart: Festival of Food and Drinks in Celje

16th till 17 of March: Chefs stage in Šibenik

18th of March: Announcement of Slovenian recipients of Michelin star in Ljubljana

20th of March till 30th of October: Opening of “Odprta Kuhna” in Ljubljana

20th till 21st  of March: International Festival Chilli and Chocolate in Maribor

28th till 29th of March: GRILL & BBQ FEST in Ljubljana

28th till 30th of March: European Food Summit in Ljubljana

Photo: Jošt Gantar for STO


4th till 5th of April: Grill & BBQ Fest in Ljubljana

5th of April: Br’stovska špargljada asparagus festival, Koloosmica and asparagus walk at Brestovica pri Komnu

11th of April: Beer Fest in Izola

17th of April: The Radovljica chocolate festival

18th of April: Brda&Wine in Brda

18th till 19th of April: Rebula and Olive Oil Festival in Goriška Brda

24th of April: Orange Wine Festival in Izola

26th of April: Festival of wine and chocolate at Podčetrtek


5th of May: The Slovenia Restaurant Awards at Smlednik

5th of May: The Slovenia Dinner at Smlednik

14th of May: Street Food Market in Maribor

15th till 17th of May: Specialties of Slovenian farms in Ptuj

17th of May: Kohišče cross-border Oenological & Gastronomic Walking Tour in Karst

22nd of May: Refosco and Slovenian Istria Festival at Marezige

23th of May: Festival of Kranjska klobasa in Medvode

23th till 24th of May: Artichoke Fest in Strunjan

29th till 30th of May: Olives, Wine and Fish Festival in Izola

30th of May till 7th of June: Cherry Festival at Goriška Brda

31st of May: Picnic in City Park in Maribor City Park

31st of May: Cherry to Cherry Hike at Goriška Brda

The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2019


1st of June till 31st of August: Fishermen’s Evenings in Izola

4th of June: 10. Blaufrankisch Wine Festival at Grad Sevnica

6th till 7th of June: Open Cellar Days (Wine Days) at Goriška Brda

14th of June till 15th of September: Summer of open wine cellars and homesteads in the Karst

20th till 29th of June: Sladolent in Maribor

Photo: Matevž Kostanjšel & Gruša Zorn for STO


11th of July: Caravan of Local Craft Breweries and the Kranska kuhna street food event in Kranj

11th till 12th of July: Wine and Garlic Feast in Nova vas

25th of July: Setting up of the Wind Rattle in Front of the Old Vine House in Maribor


8th till 16th of August: 50th Teran and Prosciutto festival in Dutovlje

22nd of August: Idrija Žlikrof Festival in Idrija

26th till 29th of August: Greatest Poets and Best Wines in Ptuj

50. Teran and Prosciutto festival


5th of September: Taste Posavje in Posavje region

17th till 20th of September: The Old Vine Festival in Maribor

20th of September: The ceremonious grape harvest of the oldest vine in the world in Maribor

20th of September: 63rd Traditional Cows Ball and Cheese Festival in Bohinj

25th of September: Beer Fest Maribor

26th of September: Čiliada in Izola

26th till 27th of September: 12th International Festival of Desserts – Sweet Istria in Koper

26th till 29th of September: Festival of Coffee and Cafe Culture in Ptuj

Photo: Dejan Blut


3rd of October: Beer and Sausage Festival in Kranj

10th till 11th of October: Kozjansko Apple Festival at Podsreda

30th of October till 30th of November: Taste Radol’ca, the month of local cuisine in Radovljica

Taste Radol’ca


2nd till 30th of November: November Gourmet Ljubljana in Ljubljana

11th of November: St. Martin’s Day celebration

14th till 15th of November: St. Martins Festival in Šmartno

19th till 20th of November: 23rd Slovenian Wine Festival in Ljubljana

Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik for STO


3rd of December: Velenje Underground in Velenje

26th of December: 8th Sparkling Wine Festival in Portorož

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