Slovenia – The Top Tourist Destination


Another successful year for Slovenian tourism according to the Slovenian Tourist Organization. Slovenia has once again proven itself as the top tourist destination.

In 2019 we had a record-breaking tourist year!

Last year, Slovenia had 6,23 million visitors, which is 5 % more than in 2018, meaning Slovenia is definitely the place to be. The number of overnight stays has also increased by 0,6 %, which according to data from the statistical office (SURS) translates into 15,75 million overnight stays.

Where did the majority of our tourists come from?

In 2019, most of our visitors came from Italy. Around 597,553 of Italian tourists visited Slovenia and enjoyed our country located in the heart of Europe. With that being said, the arrival of Italian tourists actually decreased by 8,5 %. In the second place, with a total of 584,837 total visitors is Germany, and right behind them are Austrians – whose arrivals were up 10,7 %.

The Slovenian Tourism Organization (STO) estimated that last year the promotion and development of Slovenian tourism was one of the most intense but also one of the successful, compared to previous years. 2019 will definitely go down in history as one of the best years for Slovenian tourism. We are, however, optimistic that the number of tourists both foreign and domestic, will be even higher this year as Slovenia has become the top tourist destination in the past years.

Slovenia is not only a top tourist destination for foreigners, but also for domestic tourists who like to explore their country. The number of domestic tourists increased by 1,3 %, coming to a total of 1,52 million. The number of foreign tourists has also increased by 6,3 %, which in total resulted in 4,7 million visitors from abroad.

Photo by: Jošt Gantar for STO

December was a huge success!

In December alone, tourist establishments and organizations have recorded 328,088 tourist arrivals, which is 0,1 % more than in December of 2018. According to this data, Slovenia is without a doubt the top tourist destination.

However, the number of overnight stays decreased by 8,9 %, coming to a total of (only) 797,716 of overnight stays. Most of the tourists who stayed overnight in Slovenia during the holiday seasons spent their days relaxing and recharging at SPA and wellness centers across the country. More than 240,000 or 30 % of all overnight stays were recorded in health resorts, followed by mountain municipalities (22 %), stays in the capital city of Ljubljana (18 %) and seaside municipalities (12 %).

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Source: STO