St. Martin’s Day Celebrations across Slovenia 2023

St. Martin's Day Celebrations across Slovenia 2023
St. Martin's Day Celebrations across Slovenia 2023

Where can you go for St. Martin’s Day celebrations this year? Where will the largest St. Martin’s Day celebration in Slovenia be held? Where in Slovenia do they start celebrating St. Martin’s Day a week early and continue past November 11th?

St. Martin’s Day is celebrated on November 11th, and the festivities can be described as a festival of Slovenian wine and cuisine, promising an unforgettable celebration filled with Slovenian tradition. This year, from November 4th to 12th, 2023, St. Martin’s Day events will take place all over Slovenia, combining the best local wines, culinary delights, and cultural events.

Here’s a list of the best locations for St. Martin’s Day 2023, where you’ll experience the authenticity of the Slovenian countryside, enjoy the unique flavors of young wines, and indulge in the hospitality characteristic of this autumnal festival. Read on to find out which places we recommend and where your St. Martin’s Day 2023 will become the most memorable in your calendar:

St. Martin’s Day Celebrations across Slovenia 2023

  • St. Martin’s Day on the Karst: Travel to the Karst region, where St. Martin’s Day will truly be unforgettable. From November 4th to 12th, a full palette of events awaits – from open cellars offering Karst wines to culinary delights featuring Karst prosciutto and other local specialties. The “hop on – hop off” bus allows you to taste all that the Karst offers without any worries.
  • The 25th St. Martin’s Day in Laško: Laško, known for its beer, celebrates wine from November 8th to 12th. The focus will be on the cultural and ethnological characteristics of the region, with the St. Martin’s fair as the highlight, where you can get acquainted with local traditions and products.
  • St. Martin’s Day in Old Velenje: Velenje invites you on November 10th to an open-air St. Martin’s Day celebration. Wine and cuisine will be combined in the beautiful setting of the old town square, where you can socialize with local winemakers and try authentic Šalek Valley delicacies.
  • St. Martin’s Day in White Carniola: From November 10th to 12th, Semič will be the venue for lovers of cultural heritage and wine. You can expect a presentation of traditional professions and skills typical of the region, and you can end the day with wine tasting at the local wine cellar.
  • St. Martin’s Day in Maribor: Maribor, the capital of Styria, will host the largest St. Martin’s Day celebration in Slovenia from November 10th to 12th. The traditional blessing of the must, stalls with young wine, and a rich culinary offering will adorn Leon Štukelj Square, with additional experiences also found along Koroška Street.
  • St. Martin’s Day in Ptuj: On November 11th, Ptuj comes alive with wine celebrations in the heart of the oldest Slovenian city. St. Martin’s Day in Ptuj is a truly special experience with a musical program that accompanies the tasting of local wines and culinary delights.
  • St. Martin’s Day in Lendava: Known for its bilingualism and cultural mix, Lendava will celebrate St. Martin’s Day with traditional events and walks on November 11th and 12th, leading you through the beautiful Lendava vineyards.
  • St. Martin’s Day in Gornja Radgona: This fair and sparkling wine town will celebrate St. Martin’s Day on November 11th on Kerenčičeva Street. The event will combine a rich wine offering with a cultural program and entertaining performances.
  • St. Martin’s Feast at the Dominican Monastery in Ptuj: On November 11th, the magical ambiance of the monastery awaits you for a culinary treat with dishes from the Styrian House of Culinary and selected wines from the Ptuj cellar.
  • St. Martin’s Day in Šmarjeta: On November 11th, preparations in Šmarjeta for a hike, a market with local delicacies, and entertainment by an ensemble will surely spice up St. Martin’s Saturday.
  • St. Martin’s Day in Šmartno: Visit the village of Šmartno in the Brda region on November 11th and 12th, where you can delve into the enogastronomic delights of the region and taste new wine that ranks among the world’s finest.
  • Welcome Wine in Celje: On November 11th, Celje invites you to an enological-gastronomic event, where you can taste wines from Slovenian wine regions and neighboring countries, accompanied by live music and local culinary delights.
  • The Ljubljana Wine Route: Ljubljana will become the center of St. Martin’s Day celebrations on November 11th with a rich wine and culinary offering spread through the streets and squares of the old city center.
  • St. Martin’s Day in Slovenske Konjice: St. Martin’s Day in Slovenske Konjice on November 11th will be a wine festival colored by autumnal stalls, entertainment, and a special performance.
  • Brunch St. Martin’s Feast at Grand Hotel Primus: On November 12th, the Grand Hotel Primus in Ptuj will organize a brunch with a rich selection of dishes, where you can enjoy “show cooking” and culinary masterpieces.

Remember, for more detailed information, visit the websites or contact the tourist information centers of the listed places.