It’s time for PUBEC 2023 – Salon of Styrian Young Wines


In the heart of Styria, this year sees the return of the young wine celebration following the famed Maribor St. Martin’s Day festivities. Named Pubec, this event delights Maribor for the eighth time and enchants Ljubljana for the fifth.

The nine-year tradition of unifying winemakers under this banner remains one of the most cohesive narratives in the region, as they collectively aim to promote Styria’s winemaking heritage both at home and abroad. With the start on November 27, the Styrian young wine Pubec will officially step onto the market.

The Pubec project stays true to its roots – collaboration, promotion, and marketing remain the primary goals. The brand, synonymous with Styrian youth and freshness, was established with the purpose of effectively presenting Styrian winemakers in the market. Unity and recognition continue this year to be the path to competitiveness both domestically and internationally, with joint appearances and marketing campaigns enhancing the quality and recognition of Styrian wines.

Winemakers participating in the project report sales growth, while consumers increasingly reach for the young wine Pubec. This is reflected in hospitality venues, retail stores, and even as corporate gifts. The Salon of Styrian Young Wines has become an indispensable part of social life, linking the Old Vine Festival and St. Martin’s Day into a cohesive narrative that celebrates viticultural tradition.

Collaboration with tourism institutes, such as the Maribor institute, further strengthens wine events that traditionally include education and promotion of Styrian wine culture.

This year’s Pubec features an impressive array of 18 winemakers, ranging from large cellars to small family vineyards. The peculiarities of the current season also deserve mention, as weather extremes have posed challenges to producers, but expertise has promised high quality.

In addition to Maribor, the Pubec event will also visit Ljubljana, Celje, and other locations, where winemakers will present the young wine of the 2023 vintage. The organizers have not forgotten about charity; a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to support children with developmental challenges.

For lovers of young wine and socializing, tickets can be purchased in advance or just before the event, with the ticket price including a commemorative glass, music, and a tasting of the wines.

“Pubec,” which means a young man in the Styrian dialect, symbolizes the freshness and youth of the wine, while also representing the winemakers’ promise to the region, emphasizing sustainable tourism and awareness of wine.

The young wine Pubec stands out with its fresh, fruity, and harmonious notes and its distinctive bottle adorned with a yellow bow tie. As a true expression of Styrian viticultural heritage, young wine Pubec promises a unique experience for every wine enthusiast.

More information can be found on the official website