Overview of October Events in Slovenia


October is treating us to warm temperatures this year, enticing us to continue enjoying the outdoors. However, at the same time, the time is approaching when Slovenia’s nature will serve us with cooler weather.

Let’s take a look at what this month has in store for us in the world of events. October is still a time for festivals and outdoor events, but many events are also moving into cozy indoor venues to ensure that visitors can enjoy themselves comfortably, regardless of the weather.

CITY OF WOMEN: International Festival of Contemporary Arts

Date: October 4, 2023 – October 14, 2023 Location: Ljubljana

Slovenia will once again host one of the most prestigious international festivals of contemporary arts, City of Women. This festival, which has been captivating audiences for over two decades, showcases the creativity of female artists from around the world, from promising talents to established internationally renowned artists.

City of Women is known for its openness to experimentation, pushing genre boundaries, and social critique. This unique convergence of artistic endeavors and inspiring discussions in one place has been attracting both local and international artists and collectives from all artistic spheres for over two decades. The festival regularly presents contemporary, bold, experimental, critical, socially engaged, political, transdisciplinary, and feminist cultural productions.

JOKER OUT AT STOŽICE – Spectacular Concert

Date: October 6, 2023, at 8:00 PM Location: Stožice Arena, Ljubljana

The Slovenian rock band Joker Out, known for numerous successes and remarkable performances, is preparing a true music and visual delight in Slovenia’s largest arena – Stožice. After a successful appearance at Eurovision and the release of two albums, the “Jokers” will entertain the audience with a unique stage performance and their distinctive “shagadelic” rock ‘n’ roll. The evening will be spiced up with surprises, special effects, and unexpected moments, promising an unforgettable experience.

TINTA – International Comics Festival

Date: October 4, 2023 – October 8, 2023 Location: Ljubljana, Kino Šiška – Center for Urban Culture

The International Comics Festival Tinta will host an exceptional diversity of contemporary comic art from Wednesday to Sunday. The festival is the result of a collaboration between Kino Šiška, Forum Ljubljana, and the Stripolis Institute and presents a real treat for comic enthusiasts.

At Tinta, you can enjoy a rich selection of comic exhibitions and various other events, such as discussions, lectures, workshops, and a special program for children. The festival provides an opportunity to meet outstanding domestic and international comic artists and immerse yourself in the diverse world of comic creativity.

FrikaFest – Cheese and Frika Festival in Tolmin

Date: October 6, 2023 – October 7, 2023 Location: Tolmin

FrikaFest is a celebration for cheese and the traditional Posočje specialty, Frika. It will take place in Tolmin on October 6th and 7th, where the air will be filled with the aroma of cheese, Frika, and gourmet delights.

Symbolically, this event marks the return of shepherds from high-mountain pastures, where they have been milking cows and making cheese all summer in small mountain communities while their livestock grazed freely on premium alpine-Mediterranean vegetation. The people of Tolmin have connected the traditional Farmers’ Festival with the celebration of the Posočje specialty Frika, combining both into FrikaFest.

At this two-day festival, you will have the opportunity to taste unique cheeses from the Soča Valley, and a Tolmin local is sure to be the star of the evening.

For more information, visit the official festival website, and for additional details, you can contact the Tourism Dolina Soče.

ODPRTA KUHNA – Culinary Caravan in Ptuj

Date: October 7, 2023 Location: Ptuj, Mestni trg

The Open Kitchen Caravan, a unique culinary market that has taken the Slovenian and international culinary scene by storm, is making a stop in Ptuj. It is a treasure trove of Slovenian homemade cuisine, modern gastronomy, exotic flavors from distant lands, and boutique desserts.

The lively gathering will arrive at Mestni trg on Saturday, October 7, 2023, from 11 AM to 9 PM. It will provide new culinary experiences accompanied by the finest offerings from restaurants near and far.

Apple Festival – Flavors of Autumn in Podsreda

Date: October 7, 2023 – October 8, 2023, at 12:00 PM Location: Podčetrtek, Podsreda Square

The Apple Festival, a traditional event that takes place during the second week of October in the Podsreda Square, is organized by the Kozjansko Park.

The apple, symbolically and literally, takes center stage in the festive program every year, attracting numerous experts, exhibitors, vendors, as well as various cultural groups and artists from home and abroad.

The apple from high-stemmed orchards symbolically represents the protection of nature, the continuation of our ancestors’ traditions and heritage, well-being, healthy food, and the recognition of the protected Kozjansko Park area, connecting the park’s administrators, locals, nature, and culture.

DRUMMERS AT THE CASTLE – Rhythms and Good Deeds

Date: October 7, 2023 Location: Ptuj, Ptuj Castle

The Drummerson the Castle event returns to Ptuj Castle to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the Ptuj-Ormož Regional Museum. The event will take place on October 7, 2023, at the beautiful Ptuj Castle.

The day will be spent enjoying excellent cuisine and refreshing beverages offered by popular Open Kitchen vendors. Additionally, attendees will groove to the beat of drums at the charity event Drummerson the Castle.

The drummers made their debut at the castle last year and are now returning as part of a charitable event where they will create rock rhythms in the upper courtyard of Ptuj Castle. The number of available spots for visitors is limited to 500.

Restaurant Week / Autumn 2023 – Culinary Delights Across Slovenia

Date: October 13, 2023 – October 22, 2023 Location: Throughout Slovenia

Restaurant Week is the largest culinary event in Slovenia, showcasing the creative culinary creations of the country’s top restaurants and chefs at accessible prices, twice a year, in spring and autumn.

This year’s autumn Restaurant Week will take place from October 13th to October 22nd. Over 100 top Slovenian restaurants will invite you to enjoy special tasting menus. Table reservations will open on October 2nd, and you can secure your spot on the event’s official website, www.tedenrestavracij.si. The event also features restaurants that have received Michelin stars or recommendations from renowned international culinary associations and reviewers.

Qualifications for the 2024 European Championship – Slovenia vs. Finland

Date: October 14, 2023, at 6:00 PM Location: Ljubljana, Stožice Stadium

In mid-October, the Slovenian national football team will face Finland in a crucial qualification match for the 2024 European Championship. The match will take place at the Stožice Stadium in Ljubljana and promises to be an exciting encounter as both teams compete for a place in the prestigious tournament.

Football fans can look forward to an evening of intense competition and the chance to support their national team. The atmosphere at the Stožice Stadium is sure to be electric, so don’t miss this opportunity to witness high-quality football action.

Pomol okusov V – Pier of tastes V

Date: October 14, 2023 Location: Izola, Severni izolski pomol

The Tourist Association of Izola invites you to the fifth edition of “Pomol okusov,” a street food event in Izola.

“Pomol okusov” is a culinary event set in the picturesque Izola pier. At this unique location, you can indulge in the flavors of Slovenian Istria. Whether you’re looking for lunch, dinner, or just a snack, you can enjoy your food while taking in the stunning views of the Bela krajina hills and the Izola lighthouse.

The event offers a relaxed atmosphere, excellent food, a variety of drinks, and music, making it a delightful experience for visitors who keep coming back for more.

10. Istrian cycling marathon

Date: October 14, 2023 – October 15, 2023 Location: Portorož, Portorož

The Raketa Cycling Club, in collaboration with the Municipality of Piran, is organizing the 10th Istrian Cycling Marathon, celebrating its 10th anniversary. This special jubilee event will include a Children’s Cycling Festival, a competition for the King and Queen of Boršt, and traditional scenic routes suitable for all levels of cycling proficiency.

On Saturday, October 14th, from 1 PM to 5 PM, the Children’s Cycling Festival will take place. Children’s activities will include a cycling obstacle course, a family cycling trip, storytime, and the Library of Piran’s creative workshop. At 3 PM, there will be a Mini Marathon on balance bikes and regular bikes for children up to 6 years old.

Sunday, October 15th, will be the main day of the marathon. There will be three routes to choose from: a 10-kilometer Visit Portorož route suitable for families and less experienced cyclists, a 41-kilometer Luka Koper route for recreational cyclists, and a challenging 73-kilometer Hervis route for more experienced participants with multiple climbs. This year, the King and Queen of Boršt will also be crowned for the fastest ascent on the 73-kilometer route.

After the marathon, the event will move to the Sun Park in Lucija, where the Istrian Market will showcase local vendors. This will be followed by an award ceremony for the best cyclists and a musical performance by Lean Kozlar Luigi.

Halloween for Children

Date: October 20-27, 2023 Location: Rovi pod starim Kranjem

From October 20th to 27th, a magical adventure dedicated exclusively to children will come to life in the caves under Old Kranj. Children will be guided through the paths by witches who have settled in the caves, and together they will discover different characters and adventures. Along the way, they will encounter the frightening but not very clever spirit Kasper and the witch Aljo, who initially appears intimidating but becomes friendly and kind in the company of children. The adventure promises to teach through play, helping children overcome their fear of the dark, develop their orientation in the enchanted labyrinth, and learn how to conjure protective “NoFear” stones. The adventure will conclude with a visit to the magician Sam Sebastian, where children will learn that fear is just an illusion that can be overcome.

Čokoljana – Chocolate fair

Date: October 21, 2023 Location: Ljubljana, Glavna tržnica

Čokoljana will take place at the central Ljubljana market, where renowned chocolate makers, boutique chocolate shops, and patisseries will offer their products.

At the fair, you can sample a variety of chocolate products, including cocoa chocolate bars from different parts of the world, pralines with various fillings, and chocolates with exotic flavors. Chocolate products with organic certifications, fresh vegan bonbons, and products from fair trade will also be available.

In addition to chocolate treats, you can explore special specialties such as chocolate wines, chocolate beer, and chocolate cosmetics, all produced in Slovenia.

For more information, please visit the official event website or contact +386 70 222 555.

Volkswagen Ljubljana Marathon

Date: October 22, 2023 Location: Ljubljana

The Volkswagen Ljubljana Marathon is the largest running event in Slovenia. The marathon features an internationally recognized course that winds through the scenic streets of Ljubljana.

The main part of the competition includes the marathon (42 km) and the half marathon (21 km), accompanied by recreational runs of varying distances. Runners of all ages gather in Ljubljana to challenge themselves on their chosen distances and levels of difficulty.

Don’t miss the registration for the Ljubljana marathon 2023.


Date: October 28, 2023 Location: Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

The Slovenian vocal group Perpetuum Jazzile, known for their spectacular performances and arrangements of world hits, is celebrating their 40th anniversary. They will commemorate this milestone with a concert at Cankarjev dom and announce the release of a new album, along with a series of performances across Europe.

Over four decades, they’ve performed more than 1,000 shows, included over 300 singers in their ranks, and released 13 albums and DVDs. Their music, showcased on various international stages and events, has gained recognition and captivated audiences both in Slovenia and abroad.

Cheese and Wine Festival Bohinj

Date: October 28, 2023, at 4:00 PM Location: Bohinjska Bistrica

In Bohinj, a place known for its excellent cheese production and passion for wine, the 7th annual Cheese and Wine Festival will take place. This festival is a true delight for gourmets.

Bohinj is renowned for its excellent cheese, produced both in local inns and high up in the mountain pastures. This is a unique opportunity for visitors to taste various cheeses, dishes, and wines. The event will include tastings, and products from local cheese producers and winemakers will be available for purchase.

Okusi Radol’ce

Date: October 30, 2023 – November 30, 2023 Location: Radovljica

In Radovljica, November traditionally becomes the month of local ingredients and gourmet dishes offered by restaurants from Radovljica and its surroundings at uniform prices.

During these months, restaurants combine quality ingredients from the Alpine countryside and forests with ingredients from the wider Slovenian region. Experienced chefs transform these ingredients into unique dishes. The Month of Local Cuisine begins with an unforgettable opening dinner that includes a local market. The event concludes with street food offerings upon the lighting of the lights on Linhartov Square in Radovljica.