Reflecting on BizzPoint’s “Designing Success” Event: A September to Remember


On the 29th of September 2023, Kristalna palača in Ljubljana became the staging ground for BizzPoint’s “Designing Success: Strategies for Market-Ready Products and Business Growth.” This event was a vibrant gathering that brought together the best of entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

The afternoon began with a deep dive into the world of leadership and HR. Attendees explored the art of cultivating a thriving company culture, the strategies to empower teams, and the know-how to attract the industry’s leading talents—all essential ingredients for a sustainable business.

The Essence of Design Thinking
Innovation was at the forefront as speakers shared their expertise on design thinking. Participants gained valuable insights into how creativity and user-centric approaches in product development can be powerful tools for solving complex business problems.

Digital Marketing Strategies Decoded
The digital marketing sessions shone a light on the latest strategies, social media trends, and branding techniques. It was a chance for businesses to learn about staying competitive in an increasingly digital world and driving substantial growth.

Networking Made Memorable
As the formal lectures concluded, the event transitioned into an open networking space. It was a hub of interaction, where professionals exchanged ideas, investors met potential innovators, and collaborations were sparked.

Program Highlights
The event was thoughtfully split into two parts: from 15:00 to 17:00, the focus was on prime lectures and open discourse, while from 17:00 to 21:00, the emphasis shifted to networking, complemented by wine, gastronomy, and music.

Distinguished Speakers’ Recap
The lineup of speakers, each a stalwart in their field, shared their wisdom and experiences:

  • Niko Slavnič set an inspiring tone with his opening speech.
  • Nataša Vihar captivated the audience with her insights on emotionally charged marketing.
  • Manca Zver bridged design and business strategy in her compelling talk.
  • Tamara Fišter welcomed attendees into the innovative world of
  • Dr. Jordan Berginc imparted wisdom on the essence of entrepreneurial leadership.

The “Designing Success” event is now a part of the history of BizzPoint, leaving an indelible mark on all who were present. It was not just a meeting of minds but a symposium of the future, where the foundations for tomorrow’s business successes were laid. For those who were part of it, the memories and connections will resonate well into their professional journeys. For those who missed it, the echoes of success await at the next BizzPoint event.