Online events during quarantine in Slovenia


When it comes to events, Slovenia offers a diverse selection, from world-class opera, ballet and classical music performances to cutting edge underground concerts and exhibitions, webinars and everything in between.

Most cultural institutions, theatres, galleries, movie theatres, museums, DJs and different art collectives have started streaming their live shows online or opening up their archives, so you can enjoy them from the comfort or discomfort of your own home.

31st Ljubljana International Film Festival – Liffe

Between 11 and 22 November 2020, a selection of 31st Ljubljana International Film Festival films will be available as an on-demand service.

By accessing visitors will be able to navigate – via the VOD (video on demand) platform – some of the finest and latest offerings from filmmakers braving these challenging times. They will be able to choose from approximately 20 titles, including five competition films from the Perspectives section.
Liffe is thus continuing to provide film enthusiasts with an insight into new, relevant, and quality film production.

The 31st Liffe programme initially comprised 55 feature films (and a selection of shorts), including the 17 films from the Federico Fellini retrospective – copies that cannot be shown digitally or remotely. Out of the 38 new productions, around 20 films will be available via the virtual platform. Regretfully, we were unable to obtain online screening licences for others, only theatre viewing rights.

Visit exhibitions of the Technical museum Slovenia

The Technical Museum of Slovenia holds in trust more than 18,000 objects from various fields of science and engineering. Only a minority of those are displayed in the museum. Most are kept in museum depots which are not accessible to the public. Therefore, in the future they plan to present more and more technical heritage on the museum website.

You can explore the many exhibitions that the museum holds online. Visit the online exhibitions here.

Enjoy looking through the museum of telecommunications and post

Museum of Post and Telecommunications in Polhov Graces presents objects of archaeological and ethnological heritage in Slovenia. The oldest objects in the collection tell the story of the life of the first inhabitants of this area, on display are objects related to the manor and Count Blagaj, and those used in everyday life by our grandparents. You can visit the local museum online here.

Audio stories for children

With the picture book “Happy Valley” you are invited to an exciting historical journey in the image of words and sound. Discover the unusual and varied past of Bistra, where there used to be a monastery, which later became a castle, and today it is home to the Technical Museum of Slovenia.

Listen to the beautiful stories with your children here.

Take a virtual walkthrough Slovenia

On the website of Slovenian Tourist Board, you will be able to find new and fresh content for both foreign and domestic Slovenia enthusiasts. With virtual technology, take a stroll through the crystal clear waters, soak up the beauty of the views from the mighty peaks or peek into the mysterious underground world. Let yourself be enchanted by the enchanting city streets and cultural sites. Save them in your heart and look forward to the day when you can meet them in person.

Explore Slovenia for free here.

Listen to the sounds of the past

Society is changing rapidly. When our time is described in the history books it will surely be compared with the industrial revolution. With the help of project Sounds of Changes they wish to document a portion of this rapid change, namely the change in the acoustic landscape. How does today’s world sound? By collecting today’s sounds and soundscapes, we create a reference material that can be used for historical comparisons and descriptions.

Sound of Changes is a cooperation between six museums in Europe. Explore the sounds of the past here.