STRMOL CASTLE: Luxury accommodation and events in a beautiful Medieval setting


Lying along the edge of Dvorjanski Hrib (Mansion Hill) on the road connecting the villages of Češnjevek and Dvorje, Strmol Castle’s roots go all the way back to the 13th century when it was the home of the Strmol Knights after whom the building was originally named. Remarkably unchanged in appearance and one of the old and best preserved castles in Slovenia, the interior is rich in original furnishings and contains a fine and valuable art collection that once belonged to Rado and Ksenija Hribar, the castle’s last owners. Lovingly and meticulously renovated between 2010 and 2012, Strmol Castle functions as a unique and unforgettable hotel and is open to the public as a popular attraction to visit for an hour or two as well as being a luxurious location for high end business meetings, romantic weddings and other extra-special events. The castle is set inside a beautiful park near the recommended Hribar Golf Course.

Strmol cAStle3.jpg

The park offers wonderful scenery to stroll around in and is also home to the lovely Café Strmol, housed inside a former outbuilding and reminiscent of days gone by. Tel. +386 (0)4 20 25 900, [email protected], Open for guided tours by prior arrangement. Info: tel. +386 (0)4 20 25 900, [email protected], Open for guided tours by prior arrangement.