TOP Events this weekend 1. – 2. 2. 2020


TOP Events this weekend 1.- 2. 2. 2020

Weekend is finally here, and we are just as excited about it as you are! This weekend is full of interesting events to choose from, and don’t forget the traditional Kurentovanje on Ptuj begins on Sunday! Get your masks on and munch on some traditional donuts.

kurenti ptuj

Till 1st of February – Fairs of Tastes

One of a kind HoReCa fair, which narrates trends in the hospitality and hotel management industry in Slovenia and nearby international region!

Read more about the fair in Ljubljana, here

1st of February – 7 to Beat 

The second edition of the epic beat-making and dance competition is coming to Kino Šiška.

Find out more about the program, here

1st February – The School for Wives 

A comedy on coaching and finding yourself some “chick” that you can handle.

Purchase tickets, here

From 1st of February till 24th of April – 2020 – After Yuval Noah Harari’s texts

The project 2020 aims to present the challenges of the immediate future in a performative way. The starting point of our exploration is the year 2020. In theatre, for example, in the work of director Ariane Mnouchkine, one is familiar with productions that attempted to reconstruct significant years, such as 1789, 1848, 1914, or 1968. In fiction, we are familiar with the works that predicted the future, such as Orwell’s novel 1984. Kubrick’s brilliant film 2001: A Space Odyssey enquired whether we, as a human species, are capable of coping with a wonderful message of hope with the overtones of humanism.

The production 2020, inspired by the works of Yuval Harari, will address the destiny and evolution of man. Analogies with Kubrick’s Odyssey 2001 are emerging in a philosophical and allegorical sense. Similar to the film, inspired by a short story The Sentinel by Arthur C. Clark, Harari’s thoughts will become a starting point for dialogues, monologues, dance and music acts in the genre of a science cabaret. Our ambition is to create a smart, amusing and educational work dealing with the evolution, the universe and our place in it; existentialism and artificial intelligence.

Learn more about the project 2020, here

From 1st till 15th February – Sleeping Beauty 

This beautiful ballet fairy tale will be staged by our ensemble’s artistic director Irek Mukhamedov.

Purchase tickets, here

1st of February – The Festival of European and Mediterranean Film

The Festival of European and Mediterranean Film will be showing the winning films from Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Sarajevo and other world renowned film festivals.

Find out more about the Festival in Piran, here

Till 2nd of February – FIS Continental Cup in Ski jumping

A two-day programme will run at a blistering pace since athletes will aim for victories in two winter sports from early morning to afternoon.

Read more about the competition, here

2nd of February – 5th Kras Kros Trail Run

First run of the season to kick of the marathons. The annual Kras Kros Trail Run in Mirna.

Start of your running season, here

2nd of February – Winter Ljubljana Festival

The fourth, now traditional, edition of the festival with the accompaniment of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Visit the festival, here.

2nd of February – Kurent – korant’s jump

Kurent’s night jump means the beginning of a carnival event in Ptuj, as the ancient custom dictates.

Learn more about the Kurents, here

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Products made with love in Slovenia