The Slovenia 2020 Masterclass


The Slovenia 2020 Masterclass

Our hearts beat for Slovenia and we love to help our guests experience everything our country has to offer. With this thing in mind we organized a special The Slovenia 2020 Masterclass in Maribor. The event was held in one of the best Slovenian restaurants – Mak, which is run by the amazing and award winning chef David Vračko.

At the Masterclass we discussed what will 2020 bring us in terms of tourism and business, what experiences are our tourists seeking and how to digitally identify them. Among the discussed topics was also visibility of Slovenia at this year’s EXPO 2020 Dubai and how to identify true gastronomic experiences.

Our participants from around the Maribor region, had an amazing opportunity to actively participate in one-on-one meetings with both foreign and domestic experts. They also participated in the inspirational lecture, where bold ideas from our experts were presented. After lunch our participants were invited to the roundtable with the topic on digital marketing in tourism and gastronomy.

The key purpose of this masterclass was to discuss how foreigners see and find destinations and experiences in Slovenia, explore good practices from the region and present digital solutions in tourism. Check out some of the photos from the event below!

Media sponsors of the event: The Slovenia, InYourPocket, The Slovenia Restaurant Awards and Moja Jezera.