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GERUŠ herbal liqueur gift set


Geruš, an old wormwood drink of Idrija miners, was packed in personal gift packaging and was supplied with two quality goblets of glass from Hrastlnik Steklarna with the embossed symbol of a mining tool.

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Gerush is an old bitter wormwood drink that made the knaps feel cheerful, relieving them of the health problems of mining. Wormwood tea has been recommended as an excellent oral cavity disinfectant by Dr. Joannes Antonius Scopoli, the first school doctor Maria Teresa sent to serve in Idrija, thinks, I think, this “tea” is a little more “spicy”.

To commemorate the view of the Knappa times, we prepared a “Enriched” wormwood bitter, to which we added a select leaf for great taste.

Supplied with 2 quality goblets from Steklarna Hrastnik with stamped mining tool symbol.

Alcohol content: 33%.

Net quantity: 200 ml

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