TOP 10 Slovenia Events week 16. – 22. 12. 2019


TOP 10 Slovenia Events – week 16. – 22. 2019

The festive Christmas Fair in the renovated Main Square brings a rich selection of original gifts, local designer products and local delicacies. The fair is complemented by catering and culinary offerings and socializing with the accompanying program. All merchants, caterers and other providers who are preparing special December discounts for you will also be happy to visit the new town center.

A selection of free concerts is made for all generations and tastes. Coming to Novo mesto are Čuki, Xeqtifz, Zvita feltna, ans. Nemir, Ribič Pepe, MePZ Pomlad… All events were complemented by a rich gastronomic offer.Children’s program at the Main Square On any given day our children will delight music, fairy tale and magic performances in a very special fairy-tale land from Novo Mesto Town Hall.

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The first major excavations – 17. 12.

In recent years, major archaeological excavations of Emonan sites are being done alongside the renovation of Ljubljana.

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Christmas story with live Nativity in Žužemberg – from 18. till 19. 12.

Experience creative workshops, fairy tales, singing, live cribs and more. Feel the warmth, friendship, magic, and joy. There is no entry fee! Food and drink will be provided.

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Ptuj Fairy Tale – from 18. till. 30. 12.

Decorations above the streets of the old city center become the backdrop where magical creatures turn Mestni trg into a fairytale land every December.

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Traditional  Concert of the Wind Orchestra – 20. 12. 

The Izola Wind Orchestra will perform its traditional Christmas and New Year concert on December 20th.

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Fairytale horses for children with the Sitar ranch – from 21. till 29. 12. 

The festive season in Radovljica brings great music, street food and fairytale adventures for children. You can make your visit to Radovljica even more interesting by trying out the ‘Send a Letter to Grandfather Frost’ December adventure, during which you will mount a festive sleigh, spin the ‘Wheel of Experiences’ to see the wide variety of events that take place in Radovljica throughout the year, sit in a fairytale coach, find out about Radovljica’s interesting history, and write a letter to Grandfather Frost. Further information and instructions are available from the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre. In the surroundings of Radovljica there are equestrian clubs that offer a complete experience for children, families and adults. Visit Radovljica at Linhart Square.

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Awaken the Dragon – from 21. till 6. 1. 2020 

You are warmly invited to view this audiovisual story of a dragon, the guardian of the city of Ljubljana, who did battle with the brave knight George.

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The Christmas Fair on Martin Luther’s avenue – 21. 12.

Enjoy all the fun festivities at the Christmas Fair on Martin Luther’s avenue in Murska Sobota.

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Coop Fis Cross-Country World Cup – from 21. till 22. 12.

In Planica on Saturday: Qualifications – Sprint free; Finals – Sprint free. On Sunday: Semi finals – Team sprint free; Finals – Team sprint free.

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Exhibition of the cribs nativity scene in the churches of Piran – from 22. till 5. 1. 2020

You are invited to visit the Cribs in Piran Churches.

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