Faladur gourmet shop


While the Vipava Valley is known first and foremost for its top-notch winemakers and the unique autochthonous varieties they produce, its culinary reputation is not far behind. Situated in the heart of Ajdovščina, Faladur is a gourmet shop that brings together both of these traditions in one cosy and very well-stocked place. In addition to wines from the valley’s best producers, including many vintages that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere outside the winemakers’ own cellars, there Faladur is a wide selection of typical gourmet products from the region, such as various cured meats, cheeses, brandies, fruit preserves and much more.

Non-oenophiles can even sample a beer or two from Ajdovščina’s increasingly popular craft brewery, Pelicon. Tastings for larger groups and frequent wine-related events take place at separate premises found just north of the town centre.

Lokarjev Drevored 8b, Ajdovščina
+386 40 232 987
[email protected]

Source: THE Slovenia WINE

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