NEW THE Slovenia book avaliable now!


NEW: THE Slovenia Book available now!


Good news for all book lovers! From the same team that’s been publishing Slovenia’s acclaimed regional guides since 2008, the newest edition of The Slovenia Book is the work of a group of experienced foreign writers who reside in the country and are passionate about sharing their collected knowledge of this amazing country.

This new edition of THE Slovenia Book is packed with tips and advice from our experienced foreign journalists who reside in the country. We’ve combined all of the hands-on research of our guides with the high-quality photos found in your typical coffee table book, to produce what we hope is a great companion on any trip to Slovenia or a perfect souvenir or gift to take home with you.

THE Slovenia Book Top 100 Destinations EXPO Limited Edition features 10 exclusive interviews and presentation of some of the most successful Slovenians, which are Ajda Cuderman, Ana Roš, Iza Sia Login, Iztok Altbauer, Janez Bogataj, Janez Škrabec, Maja Pak, Marjan Batagelj, Robert Klun and Sonja Šmuc.

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What’s the book about?

Foreword from the president of Slovenia, Borut Pahor

It brings me great joy to know that you have in your hands this fine book, which captures the rhythm of a country offering everything you can imagine when you think of beauty and vitality – because that country is Slovenia. Slovenia will not only thrill you with its natural beauty and the diversity of its countryside, but also with the hospitality of its people and the quality of the services it provides.”
Slovenian President, Borut Pahor

Introducing Slovenia

In these pages, you can find a very brief overview of Slovenia, including the best ways to get there, some important (and some entertainingly trivial) facts and figures, how to speak and understand the basics of the local language, and a bit about the nation’s long eventful history.

Top 10 lists

With significant input from trusted experts in their respective fields, our knowledgeable local editorial team has compiled fourteen Top 10 lists in areas ranging from food and wine to startups and spas, in order to offer a quick overview of Slovenia’s diversity, as well as a sneak, peek at some of the content that is covered in more detail later in the book.

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Regional Chapters

The bulk of the book is of course dedicated to showing you the Top 100 destinations in Slovenia, and high – lighting the best of what each has to offer. These have been divided according to region: Central, Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western.


Each regional chapter begins with a map of Slovenia with the relevant region highlighted, so you can see where it is in relation to the rest of the country (which many people have pointed out looks like the shape of a chicken).

Additional Information

We’ve added some additional informational pages at the end of book, which include extended lists of the Top 100 attractions, annual events, restaurants and winemakers in the country. Here you can find a bit more info about the team behind this project, along with a detailed index and the credits for all those wonderful photos.

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Meet the Editorial Team

Niko Slavnić

Executive Editor

Niko Slavnič has family and businesses across the region, and started his career in a family business at the age of 16. Since then he has gone on to enjoy many years of entrepreneurial activities, developing various projects and organisations along the way. After a brief war experience following Slovenia’s independence, he spent several years working at the Ministry of Interior, which gave him a different perspective and the skill to perceive the world with open eyes. As the manager of one of the best nightclubs in Ljubljana, Niko frequently organised concerts and other events, later going on to graduate from programmes at Harvard Business School, the University of Amsterdam, IMTA and the University of Ljubljana, and he now regularly shares his knowledge and experience at IEDC Bled, ESSCA and other business schools and conferences throughout the world. This unique mixture of practical business experience and theoretical knowledge has not only made him a popular guest speaker, but has also proven useful in his consulting work with more than 60 dynamic companies. Niko was also a member of the management board at the Everet Group, now partner in different companies and as a business angel investor he is constantly looking for new business opportunities. He has previously published books about venture capital, communication and marketing.

Yuri Barron

Editor & Writer

Born in Alaska and raised near Seattle in the United States, whilst studying in Cyprus in 2002 Yuri went on a five-day trip to Beirut, Lebanon, and ended up living there for more than four years, supporting himself in a variety of respectable professions, such as online gambling, writing university papers, trading options and laptop DJing. After travelling to visit Berlin for the World Cup final in 2006, the breakout of the Hezbollah-Israeli war and subsequent bombing of Beirut’s airport led to him being unexpectedly stranded on a friend’s couch in Prague for several months, which then turned into nearly one year (mainly on account of the irresistible charm of a 5-year-old hound dog named Adam). One thing led to another, and in 2007 Yuri found himself in Slovenia, the country of his maternal grandfather’s birth and an all around swell place to live, especially for English-speaking foreigners. In 2009, he became a writer and editor for In Your Pocket travel guides, and is now the global editor-in-chief. He spends most of his free time and resources travelling to new countries in order to win a $50 bet that was made in secondary school. His forthcoming memoir, entitled Thirty-Cent Life: A Decade of Moderately Irresponsible Travel in Dodgy Countries, pushes the boundaries of what the word ‘forthcoming’ means.

Peter Škoda Kecman

Active Managing Editor

Despite his young age, Peter has already put together an impressive CV, with both educational and business experience that would be the envy of those much his senior. Born in Ljubljana in 1996, Peter initially began pursuing a career in law in order to follow in the footsteps of his father. However, after attending the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Law for three years, he came to realise that his calling was in business rather than the legal sector. He began working at THE Slovenia in 2018, while starting an MBA programme at the Cotrugli Business School in Zagreb in 2019. Prior to this he had already gained some diverse business experience by starting his own company with his best friend in Belgrade at the age of only 19, and also developed a family-run crypto asset management fund. In his short time at THE Slovenia he has been the managing editor for two editions of THE Slovenia Restaurants book and THE Slovenia Gastronomy guide, as well as this newest edition of THE Slovenia Book. He also currently manages several other projects at the company IQbator, where he works together with Niko on business innovations and is constantly searching for new ideas to develop. Self-driven and highly motivated, Peter’s entrepreneurial career is definitely off to a successful start.


We would first and foremost like to express our sincere gratitude to Slovenian president Borut Pahor, who was gracious enough to pen a few introductory words for our humble tome about the country over which he presides.

We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to all of the esteemed experts, leaders and notable personalities who were kind enough to let us conduct interviews with them on their wide-ranging areas of expertise – their contributions have definitely made the book a much richer and informative work.

Of course being able to realise such a long and comprehensive project with the high level of quality it deserves would not have been possible without the tremendous efforts put forth by the many municipalities, local tourist offices and associations who helped us out over the last eight years, and especially those who were closely involved in this specific project, including (in alphabetical order so as to avoid having to play favourites): Ajdovščina, Bela Krajina, Bohinj, Brežice, Celje, Dobrovnik, Domžale, Green Karst, Idrija, Koper, Koroška, Kranj, Kranjska Gora, Krško, Laško, Murska Sobota, Nova Gorica, Ormož, Podčetrtek, Ptuj, Radeče, Rogla-Pohorje, Šentjur, Sevnica, Škofja Loka, Soča Valley, Solčava, Tržič, Velenje as well as Brdo Estate and Expano.

And lastly, we would be remiss if we did not thank all of you kindly souls who have decided to purchase the book (or those of you who are considering purchasing the book, although let’s be honest, it’s a bit strange of you to be reading the Acknowledgements section whilst standing in a book shop or wherever else you are), as your support will make it possible to continue publishing updated editions well into the future.

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