Velenje Underground awarded with Big See Tourism 2020


Velenje Underground culinary experience has been selected for the Big See Tourism 2020 Award by Center for Creative Economy of Southeast Europe, Big Institute.

Velenje Underground is a unique underground culinary experience by the Šaleška Valley Tourism Office in collaboration with the Coal Museum and Gorenje Catering. Velenje Underground has been recognized by the Center for Creative Economy of Southeast Europe, Big Institute, which has awarded the unique project with the Big See Tourism 2020 award. The project was also nominated for the Best Project (Grand Prix) in the Creative Story and Identity as an Adventure category.

Velenje Underground as a unique culinary underground experience fulfills the promise of a green boutique Slovenia for 5-star experiences. The experience is also the recipient of the Slovenia Unique Experience Award, awarded by the Slovenian Tourist Board. Visitors descend with the oldest lift in Slovenia to the Slovenian Coal Mining Museum. The deepest Slovenian dining experience the Knap’s environment and the superb dishes of the Herberstein Villa team.

Source: Slovenska turistična organizacija