Why is Lake Bled a popular wedding destination?


A dream wedding can become the most precious reality on the shores of the most idyllic lake in Europe.

You’ve seen Lake Bled on postcards, you’ve liked it on Instagram, but have you ever considered getting married at Slovenia’s most famous landmark?

Whether you have or not, by the end of this article, the answer will be a resounding ‘yes’. Why? Because Lake Bled is probably the most prestigious yet affordable, exclusive yet accessible wedding destination you’ll ever come across.

A romantic setting beyond compare

Steeped in history and incredible legends and marked by a long tradition of being a mecca for domestic and foreign visitors, the town of Bled with its magnificent glacial lake is undeniably the epitome of romance. The unique church on an island, the mysterious medieval castle perched on a giant cliff, and the unsurpassable beauty of the surrounding natural environment – every aspect of the place awakens within us a sense of magic.

It is therefore no wonder that Lake Bled has been a favourite wedding destination for centuries. Today, the traditional spirit of this remarkable location is complemented by a touch of modernity, presenting newlyweds with a fantastic range of wedding venues which embody, each in its unique way, Lake Bled’s fairy-tale appeal.

A royal wedding with the perfect view

If you thought medieval weddings were a thing of the past, think again. Bled Castle isn’t just the oldest of its kind in Slovenia, it also offers the most surreal views of Lake Bled and its wider area. Yes, your wedding photos will be amazing, only rivalled by the ceremony itself in this superbly preserved building with a marvellous terrace and interior fit for royalty.      

Presidential grandeur and exceptional elegance

Did you know Tito, the former president of Yugoslavia, had a very classy summer residence at Lake Bled? Well, the mansion still stands on its perfect location near the lake and is as gorgeous as ever. Now an impressive hotel, Vila Bled used to host renowned political dignitaries and famous actors like Richard Burton. Couples love to tie the knot in its lavish grounds and stroll around the Vila’s secret garden with an enviable view of the emerald alpine gem.

A wedding bell that grants wishes

Bled Island with the Church of the Assumption of Mary is Slovenia’s iconic cultural attraction that doubles as an epically romantic wedding venue. Hitching a ride with the traditional pletna boat, the couple arrive on the island where the groom must carry the bride up the 99 steps that lead to the church. The island is shrouded in historic symbolism and spiritual power. If you decide to get hitched on Bled Island, remember to ring the church’s bell three times and make a wish. Apparently, it works!

Grand weddings in the grandest hotel

Besides its royal shine, mythical island and breath-taking mountain backdrops, Lake Bled has healing properties. We’re talking about the thermal springs under the ridiculously luxurious Grand Hotel Toplice. After taking the plunge, you can take a dip in the spa for some ultimate relaxation. The wedding feasts at this hotel are out of this world, and the views from its terrace are heavenly, to say the least. Traditional, chic and modern – Grand Hotel Toplice is certainly a stylish representative of Lake Bled’s wedding charm.

There you have it. The only missing cherry on top of an extravagant wedding cake is you and your one true love.  For the rest is already there: an unbelievably magical spot, insanely romantic venues straight out of a storybook, and plenty of fun pre- and post-wedding activities to be had at or near Lake Bled.

Oh, did we mention Bled’s longstanding tradition of organizing weddings? And that it’s very conveniently located with ample accommodations? And that a Lake Bled wedding costs 50% less than an average wedding in the UK? Who cares, we’ve got a wedding to plan, right?