What to do in Slovenia in the summer?


Slovenia is a popular summer destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. There are so many things that you can do in Slovenia in the summer. If you are looking for ideas on what to do in Slovenia in the summer, we suggest you keep reading …

Summer is slowly making its way to Slovenia. Even if the current weather forecast doesn’t seem to agree with us. But this shall pass, or at least that’s what the weatherman said on the TV the other day.

Slovenia has reopened its borders in the middle of May, making it easier for foreign tourists to visit Slovenia in the summer.

Discover the best places to visit in Slovenia here.

Slovenia has many different activities to offer in the summer. Many of which are located in the waters of Slovenia, so pack your swimsuit and towels. Make sure you add our suggestions to your itinerary before visiting Slovenia in the summer.

Go fishing in Slovenia

Slovenia has many lakes, rivers, and streams where anglers both domestic and foreign are allowed to go fishing. Explore the top experiences in Slovenia and go fishing with us this summer.


Explore Slovenia on your bike

Cycling is a very popular activity or sport if you will in Slovenia, especially in the summer if it is not too hot outside. Bike around and visit one of the top bike parks or pump tracks in Slovenia this summer.

Go rafting in Slovenia

One of the best ways to discover the wilderness of Slovenia is by going rafting. Rafting in Slovenia is one of the top summer experiences in Slovenia. By going rafting in Slovenia you will experience the crystal-clear waters and the richness of Slovenia’s rivers. Plus it is a great way to spend some quality family time while in Slovenia in the summer.


Take some time off at the top SPA resorts in Slovenia

Slovenia has an abundance of natural riches as well as the luxury of both sea and mountain climates, leading to a variety of spas offering health, recreation, relaxation, and much more. Book a SPA day in Slovenia in the summer.


Discover the best places to visit in Slovenia here.

Try golfing in Slovenia

Golfing has become a rather popular activity in Slovenia over the years. While Slovenia may be a small country in terms of square kilometers, its geographical diversity makes it an especially interesting destination for golfers. There are now a dozen courses in Slovenia. Grab your golf clubs and let’s go golfing in Slovenia in the summer.

Kayaking in Slovenia

Are you looking for a unique way to explore Slovenian rivers? Then kayaking in Slovenia is just what you need to experience while spending your holiday in Slovenia in the summer.

Take a hike in Slovenia

Spend your summer holiday in the heart of mountainous Slovenia. Walkthrough the dynamic and untouched nature with 10,000 kilometers of marked hiking trails. You can choose from 175 mountain huts or spend a night in hotels and camps for hikers.

Get an adrenaline rush by canyoning in Slovenia

Canyoning in Slovenia is without a doubt one of the most interesting and adrenaline-filled experiences you will ever have. That is if you like adventures and are not afraid of trying new things in Slovenia. Canyoning is a fun experience to do in Slovenia in the summer.

Experience nature from a new perspective

The Pohorje Treetop Walk is the first innovative example of an experiential tourism product in Slovenia combining new experiences, education, environmental awareness, and entertainment for all target groups and generations. This summer book a trip to Pohorje and experience a walk above the trees in Slovenia.

Cold down by visiting waterfalls in Slovenia

Slovenia has a huge abundance of water. Besides its stunning emerald rivers, Slovenia is well-known as the home of the most beautiful waterfalls. The beauty of Slovenian waterfalls is unmatched. Visiting the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia is a great idea to discover beauty and untouched nature this summer.


Get married at Lake Bled

You’ve seen Lake Bled on postcards, you’ve liked it on Instagram, but have you ever considered getting married at Slovenia’s most famous landmark? Now you can. Get married at Lake Bled in Slovenia in the summer.

Take a day trip to the most beautiful locations in Slovenia

Slovenia is a rather small country, which is not necessarily bad. The size of Slovenia will be a huge advantage for you once you visit the country, as it will provide you with the perfect opportunity to explore more Slovenian treasures. Rent a car or hop on a bus and enjoy a top day trip in Slovenia to one of our most famous sights in the summer.

Try standup paddling in Slovenia

Slovenia has many locations where you can enjoy stand up paddling and explore Slovenian gems. You can have an active holiday with your SUP board on lakes, rivers, or on the coastline. Make sure you try standup paddling while in Slovenia in the summer.