Forbes: Bohinj no. 1 hidden gem in Europe to visit when travel ban gets lifted


The touristic tendency post-coronavirus, according to European Best Destinations, is toward traveling far from cities, away from crowds and stress. With this in mind, Forbes Magazine posted a list of 18 gorgeous hidden gems to visit when the travel ban gets lifted.

People long for freedom, nature, wide-open spaces,” explains the organization, which is part of the European Commission’s EDEN Network (“European Destinations of Excellence”) working to promote sustainable tourism on the continent. To respond to the needs of travelers looking for unique experiences in places free from mass tourism and to reconnect with nature, EBD just published its list of “Best Hidden Gems in Europe.” Among the mentioned best European destination in the Forbes magazine was also the biggest Slovenian lake, Bohinj.

Be soothed by the wind caressing the pines, discover farms and artisanal products or go for a sporting holiday by bike, kayak, or hiking in the most beautiful Triglav National Park of Slovenia or escape to the Azores, one of the last sanctuaries in Europe where you can watch whales and discover a flora and fauna unique in the world and protected by the regional authorities,” EBD suggests.

Bohinj the number one hidden European gem

This year’s #1 Hidden Gem in Europe designation was awarded to Bohinj in Slovenia, a destination synonymous with nature, sustainable development, and unique experiences in the heart of one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe. Nestled in the Julian Alps’ Triglav National Park, “Bohinj is a destination regularly rewarded for its commitment to the development of tourism that respects both nature and people,” says EBD. The European Commission awarded Bohinj the EDEN prize for the best sustainable tourism destination in Europe. 

Less then two weeks ago, Bohinj was also placed on the list of Europe’s Offbeat Vacation Destinations!

The alpine valley of Bohinj is a truly idyllic landscape, steep mountains rise above quaint villages and lush pastures, and at the end of the valley, in the Triglav National Park, is the spectacular Lake Bohinj – the largest permanent lake in Slovenia.

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