Red Dot Awards honors 8 Slovenian companies


Red Dot every year gives out awards for best designs and packaging. This year the Red Dot awards honored Radgonske Penine for their sparkling wine line of “Untouched by Light”, which is the first sparkling wine in the world to be made, sold, and tasted in perfect themes.

Radgonske Penine also received another award in the spring, called IdejaX on Croatian Days of Communication.

Red Dot awards 2020 were given to eight Slovenian companies

This year’s Red Dot award ceremony took place via Instagram between 22 and 26 June 2020, and throughout the week, followers on this channel were able to follow expert discussions, video conferences, and the response of the award winners. The Red Dots were sent to the recipients in advance, and the winners then posted on Instagram all week and shared their joy at receiving the prize.

In the Red Dot product design category for 2020, eight Slovenian companies also received the award:

–           Adria Mobil

Astella is a caravan and mobile home in one which has been designed for the luxury segment. Clear lines and a reduction to the essentials characterise its elegant, aerodynamically optimised appearance. Innovative panorama doors and windows merge the interior and exterior. Inside the caravan, generous open spaces, a spa-style bathroom, a designer kitchen, connected living elements and a quiet, well-organised interior create a luxurious atmosphere.

Statement by the Jury

Astella fascinates with a reduced elegance and offers the amenities of a fully fledged small flat. The panorama doors, which open wide, are particularly beautiful.


–           Akrapovič

This new range of exhaust systems for enduro motorcycles was developed to meet the tough off-road demands of enduro tracks. The innovative design, featuring a new silencer profile and a high-quality sand-blasted and coated titanium outer shell, offers increased durability and facilitates cleaning. Furthermore, carefully designed details like the embossed logo on the end cap convey quality. Deep sound and smooth power output with improved responsiveness enhance the performance of the motorcycles.

Statement by the Jury

This Slip-On Line exhaust system skilfully merges impressive aesthetics, achieved through high-precision manufacturing, with sound design and improved functionality.


–           Alpina

The Alpina Elite 3.0 is a light-weight and responsive Nordic ski boot for top-level racers. The circulation of air enables the foot to remain dry and keeps your power kick at maximum. The Alpina Elite 3.0 is made without the use of PVC materials, replacing them with more eco-friendly solutions to grant a water-proof and breathable boot with improved fit and stability. This allows athletes to optimize the use of energy and ski velocity.

Statement by the Jury

The Alpina Elite 3.0 combines sophisticated production with materials made for comfort and performance, resulting in a highly innovative ski boot.


–           Fotona

SkyPulse is a compact, portable dental laser that uses SSP and SWEEPS technologies to clean and debride root-canal systems. To provide for multifunctionality, it features a wide range of quickly changeable handpieces. Its construction also allows a diode laser module to be connected. Using the graphical user interface, the dentist can select preset options with a touch or adjust treatment parameters with a swipe. Thanks to the handpiece’s ability to rotate by 360 degrees, it provides straightforward access to any treatment site.

Statement by the Jury

This dental laser captivates with its high functionality and ease of use. The compact design makes it easy to integrate into dental practices.


–           Gigodesign 3

As part of a more complex access control system, the Sigur MR1 reader is designed for secure identification via smartphones and cards. The device is easy to install by means of a simple bayonet coupling mechanism and can be quickly removed again. A protective layer minimises wear. A shadow gap visually sets off wall unevenness and is highlighted by indirect orange light. The device uses a broadband speaker to provide users with clear feedback.

Statement by the Jury

The backlit shadow gap sharply contrasts with the minimalistic casing design and accounts for the particular appeal of this reader.


–           Gorenje

The dynamically flowing and compact form of the device is composed of individually removable components. The efficient motor with aluminium blower ensures low-noise operation and features a two-speed level control with soft start. The broad brush roller allows fast cleaning. The slim construction of the G Force Free makes it possible to reach surfaces under low pieces of furniture. Thanks to a simple folding system, the device requires little space for storage.

Statement by the Jury

The G Force Free scores points with its ergonomic construction, the use of high-quality materials and long battery life with powerful suction performance.


–           Novak M

The treatment tables of the S-Line are characterised by their clean design and innovative functionality. Their smooth surfaces, seamless and fully sealed padding and angled shapes ensure ease of use without having to compromise on hygiene. Thanks to the lean and stable construction, an intuitive up-and-down circular switch and minimalist levers for section adjustment, the treatment tables provide smooth handling and unimpeded access to the patient.

Statement by the Jury

The reduced design shapes the elegant appearance of these treatment tables. They additionally impress with their ergonomic construction and intuitive handling.

novak m

–           TAK Kolektiv  

The All-Day Adventure Flask was designed for versatile use, so that it can be used to make beverages ranging from coffee to cocktails. Its vacuum-insulated shell made from stainless steel is sustainable and repels aromas. The silicone sleeve on the bottom prevents dents, can be taken off and be used as a cup. It grants access to the inside, which contains a 355 ml 350 µ stainless steel filter that can be used to prepare infusions, tea and cold beverages. The lid can be flipped upside down to brew coffee.

Statement by the Jury

The strong, innovative design of this insulated flask impresses with versatile accessories for the preparation of various beverages and provides additional indulgence on the go.

tak kolektiv