Trending Spa Destinations For 2023- Slovenia ranks in 8th position, with a +177% increase in searches.


With the start of the new year, many people will be planning their trips for the next 12 months. For those looking for the ultimate relaxing holiday, a destination spa trip is a must-book. Whether you’re looking for sunnier weather, traditional wellness practices, or just an excuse to have an extended period of relaxation, a spa holiday is a great option for 2023.

Online booking site has recently revealed the top trending spa destinations in the world, based on increases in Google search data. The results reveal the up-and-coming places in the world to have a spa holiday – from jungle paradises to incredible natural springs.

Based on the research, Costa Rica is the top trending spa destination for 2023, with a whopping 62,273% increase in searches globally for spa trips in the stunning country. Many of Costa Rica’s most famous spas are in stunning jungle landscapes, with massages available next to waterfalls and facials given with the sounds of the wildlife around you. Germany follows on the list, with a 12,400% increase in searches. Spas are a way of life in Germany, and it seems this spike in global interest shows the rest of the world is catching on too. Two fellow European countries follow in the list, Croatia and Moldova. Both offer a more cost-effective way of taking a spa trip, but both benefit from incredible spa facilities. Completing the top five trending spa destinations is Cambodia, where the most luxurious spas are on their very own private island.

Europe features the most in the top 20, with Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Portugal being named as some of the world’s top trending spa destinations. From Asia, honeymoon hotspot The Maldives, Vietnam and Indonesia also make it on the list. Only two African countries feature, Gambia and Ghana, and the only Middle East country listed as one of the top trending spa destinations in the world is Oman.

Top 20 Trending Spa Destinations For 2023

1. Costa Rica: +62,273% searches

Costa Rica is a fantastic destination for travellers seeking relaxation and rejuvenation whilst also experiencing some of the world’s most stunning scenery. Many of the country’s spas are nestled in the exotic rainforests or along breath-taking coastline, meaning that you can enjoy your treatments in a tropical garden or with the sounds of crashing waves in the distance. Often using natural ingredients and techniques inspired by traditional Costa Rican practices, such as massages with volcanic stones or treatments with locally-grown tropical fruits, a spa trip in Costa Rica is perfect for those who want to try something a little different. Costa Rica is home to a number of luxury spas, but there are also more affordable options available for those on a budget.

2. Germany: +12,400% searches

Germany has a long history with spas, with the Romans first building thermal baths in the country over 2,000 years ago. ‘Spa culture’ in the country has continued to this day, and there are around 350 spa towns that are often located in beautiful natural settings, such as the Bavarian Alps or the Black Forest. Baden-Baden is probably the most famous spa town and although many of the hotels there have their very own spa, the most well-known spa is Friedrichsbad. It’s here where you can experience centuries-old bathing traditions which involve alternating thermal baths with ice-cold plunges and steam rooms.

3. Croatia: +1,019% searches

Like Germany, Croatia also has many spa towns which have specialised in spas and wellness for many years. With several natural thermal and mineral springs, Croatia is perfect for those that want to enjoy a more natural spa trip. For something a little different, the resort of Istarske Toplice is world-renowned for incorporating mud from the local area into their treatments, which is said to heal a number of ailments.

4. Moldova: +250% searches

Offering a great value spa trip, Moldova is a great option for a relaxing trip that doesn’t break the budget. The country boasts a variety of spa options, ranging from luxury resorts to traditional bathhouses. Many of these spas offer a range of treatments, including massage, facials, and body wraps. In addition to these services, many spas also offer fitness classes, yoga sessions, and other wellness activities.

5. Cambodia: +191% searches

Many of Cambodia’s spas are located in luxury hotels and resorts, and offer massages, facials, and other spa treatments using traditional Cambodian techniques and natural ingredients. Some spas also offer outdoor treatments such as yoga and meditation sessions in peaceful, natural settings, which give you an additional opportunity to enjoy your surroundings. For the ultimate luxurious experience, there are a few spas that are on their own private island. Arriving by boat, these island resort spas provide the best in tranquillity and relaxation alongside chances to have private dining on the beach and Instagrammable décor.

6. The Maldives: +190% searches

For pure luxury in a setting that looks too good to believe, a spa trip to the Maldives is the place to go. Famed for being a honeymoon destination, there are many posh resorts that have their very own spa, on their very own island. The spa locations can often be over the crystal clear water, so you can hear and see the gentle lapping of waves whilst you have a facial, massage or pedicure. You’re your treatments are over you can while the time away snorkelling or just enjoying the views in an infinity pool over the water.

7. Ecuador: +182% searches

Ecuador is a country with a diverse range of landscapes, including the Amazon rainforest, the Andes Mountains, and the Galápagos Islands and these natural surroundings provide a beautiful and rejuvenating backdrop for a spa trip. The volcanic landscape of the country also provides unique treatment options, including volcanic water and mud baths that are said to revitalise the skin.

8. Slovenia: +177% searches

Known for its thermal and mineral spas, Slovenia offers many spa resorts that offer a variety of treatments using natural thermal water and local ingredients. The water in the thermal springs is said to boost blood circulation, reduce stress and even heal skin problems, so the springs are perfect to enjoy before or after a more traditional treatment.

=9. Poland: +175% searches

Another country that benefits from natural mineral sources, if you’re heading to Poland for a spa trip you should certainly look out for their acidic springs, sulphur springs, salt springs and thermal waters. They all bring different wellness benefits and are also enjoyable natural wonders to be admired too. Another unique wellness treatment you can enjoy in Poland are the salt caves – the most famous being the Wieliczka salt mine. It’s here you can enjoy many treatments and all the wellness benefits that salt is said to offer, such as treatment for asthma, allergies and skin issues.

=9. The Gambia: +175% searches

Many of the spas in The Gambia benefit from beautiful views of the coastline, meaning that you can enjoy relaxing treatments before continuing your relaxation on the beach. Look out for any spa that offers outdoor treatments, like a massage, as the experience of hearing natural around you whilst you have an expert beauty treatment is like no other.

Top 11-20 Trending Spa Destinations

11. Vietnam, Asia: +173%

12. Bulgaria, Europe: +171%

13. Portugal, Europe: +128%

=14. Oman, Middle East: +126%

=14. New Zealand, Oceania: +126%

=16. Ghana, Africa: +125%

=16. Romania, Europe: +125%

=16. Nicaragua, South America: +125%

19. Austria, Europe: +123%

=20. Latvia, Europe: +120%

=20. Indonesia, Asia: +120%