TOP Valentine’s Day Gifts from Slovenia


We know what you are thinking right now. It is probably within one of those lines: “What to get my loved one for Valentine’s Day?”

No worries, we can “feel your struggle” and that is why we make a list of TOP Valentines Day gifts to make your decision easier! Find out which TOP Valentines Day gifts from Slovenia we have gathered for you.


THE Slovenia Book Woman`s edition

Not only does this hardcover special edition showcase how beautifully diverse our country is, the Top 100 Women Limited Edition brings you 15 exclusive interviews and features from some of Slovenia´s most influential women today. These women are Ajša Vodnik, Ana Roš, Danica Purg, Irena Kos, Iza Login, Jerca Legan Cvikl, Katarina Čas, Ksenja Benedetti, Laura Unuk, Maja Mikek, Maja Pak, Marta Kos, Mateja Benedetti, Sonja Šmuc and Uršula Cetinski.

Purchase the book, here.

Bracelet Wild Strawberry – Love (medium bloom)

Wild strawberry is a member of the rose family – symbolism is love. Let your love flourish and grow.

Find this special bracelet, here.

THE Slovenia Praline Gift Box

“Life is like a box of chocolates”

Slovenia is a world-class culinary destination, and just like its beautiful landscape, its flavors also vary from the waves of the Adriatic coast up to the mountain peaks of the Alps and down to the lush Pannonian plains. With this collection of delicious pralines, we have captured 9 typical tastes of Slovenia’s diverse culinary regions. Start your chocolate journey and enjoy some quite unusual but scrumptious creations with this top Valentine’s day gift!

Purchase the special praline box, here.

BAROK collection (Idriamant)

Unique Bobbin Lace Jewellery from Slovenia. Their lace designs are based on the 300-year-old tradition of Idrija lace from Slovenia and we can assure this is one of the top Valentine’s day gifts from Slovenia!

Purchase the unique collection, here.

Urban Coloring Book Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a magical city. With this coloring book, you will take a stroll through it and find out well- and less known facts about the life in the city and the meaning and history of the city architecture. The city is presented through hand-drawn drawings of architectural monuments, culture and lifestyle. In them, the author captured the spirit of the city as she experiencd while examining Ljubljana and its beat. All drawing motifs are described in Slovenian, English, German and Italian.

The urban coloring book provides plenty of creative fun and is a lasting memory for any city lover. The images will get even more vivid as you color them according to your taste!

Color Ljubljana, here.

Urban coloring book Ljubljana


THE SLOVENIA BOOK 52 destinations

This new edition of THE Slovenia Book is packed with tips and advice from our experienced foreign journalists who reside in the country. It doesn’t matter what type of trip you are going on, THE Slovenia Book is a great companion on any visit to Slovenia and is the perfect souvenir to take home with you. The book is also one of our top Valentine’s day gifts for your special someone.

Purchase THE Slovenia Book – 52 destinations, here.


THE Slovenia Restaurants feature the very best in Slovenian dining, chefs, and restaurants. We revealed the very best restaurants all over Slovenia in a comprehensive guide to the best regional and national restaurants in Slovenia. This top Valentine’s day gift will probably make your next decision on a fine dining experience much easier.

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Chocolate&wine Chocolat imperial blanc 0,75l by Kunej

Chocolat Impérial blanc is a unique drink of noble chocolate-wine flavor, made on the basis of structural white wine types, a type of chardonnay, sauvignon in the Riesling region of Laško, which is refined with aromatic white chocolate after several years of maturing in oak barrels.

Purchase the wine, here.

Which Top Valentine’s day gift will you be purchasing for your special someone?

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