Top stories from Slovenia

postojna cave

Those who had the opportunity to visit Slovenia in the past know that our gem on the sunny side of Alps looks like a storybook destination filled with treasures, which are just waiting to be uncovered.

Discover stories from Slovenia and learn interesting things about the most unique Slovenian treasures.

The story of the Slovenian flag

The white-blue-red Slovene flag was raised for the first time on April 7, 1848, in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. The Slovenian flag was raised for the first time by Slovenian activist and poet Lovro Toman in response to the German flag which was raised on the top of Ljubljana castle. Learn more about the Slovenian flag in the article below!

The story of the Lipizzan horse in Slovenia

The story of the Lipizzan or Lipizzaner horse is similar to the story of the ugly duckling. Lipizzan horses in Slovenia are born black and as they get older their fur turns white. We bet you haven’t seen a horse like that before. Unless you own a Lippizan horse of course.

Learn more about the stunning Lipizzan horses in the article below!

The story of the human fish in Slovenia

Human Fish is also known as the olm (Proteus anguinus). The human fish is an aquatic salamander and it only lives in the subterranean part of Europe. Human fish eats sleeps and breathes underwater. Most of the human fishes in Europe can be found in the Dinaric Alps, where the water is pristine and clean. Luckily, Slovenia has clear and clean waters to be called home to these amazing dragon-like creatures.

Discover the human fish in the article below.

The story of Melania Trump

The world knows her as the former American first lady and President Donald Trump’s wife, but what is the story behind Melania Trump, formerly known in Slovenia as Melanija Knavs.

Read the story of Melania Trump here.

The story of Kranjska klobasa in Slovenia

The Kranjska klobasa or Kranjska sausage is one of the most internationally recognizable Slovenian traditional specialties. Not only is it known internationally, but is also known in space. Kranjska klobasa is also known under the name Carniolan sausage or Kranjska sausage.

Kranjska klobasa is one of the most famous Slovenian culinary specialties, which is allowed to be produced by no more than 13 Slovenian food producers. Take a virtual tasting of Kranjska klobasa in the article below.

The story of Prekmurska gibanica / Prekmurje layer cake

Slovenia is celebrating its title of European Gastronomic region of 2021. With that in mind, we decided to highlight all the traditional dishes and specialties our country on the sunny side of the Alps has to offer. Many Slovenian traditional dishes are known internationally, like Kranjska klobasa, which has traveled to space, Blejska kremšnita that tastefully represents the beautiful Alpine valley of Lake Bled and the “ever-green” festive pastry potica. Among the mentioned delicious trio, we must not forget to add Prekmurska gibanica or Prekmurje layered cake.

The story of Blejska kremšnita / Bled cream cake

When visiting Bled one must simply treat themselves to the original Bled cream cake (in Slovene Blejska Kremšnita) while gazing upon the beautiful Lake Bled and the castle above it. What a unique treat that is!

The story of Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana castle is one of the main attractions in Ljubljana, which offers beautiful views of the green capital of Slovenia below, nearby towns, villages, and even the Kamnik–Savinja Alps in the northern part of the country. Ljubljana castle has become a true symbol of the Slovenian capital and a popular location for both locals and tourists who are looking for a nice stroll in Ljubljana, away from the busy streets.

The story of Idrija Žlikrofi / Idrijski Žlikrofi

Idrija is famous for many things, and since the middle of the 19th century, one of these things has been Idrijski Žlikrofi. Žlikrofi are little pasta pockets or dumplings if you will, often filled with potato, bacon, onions, and different spices. Idrija Žlikrofi are served with various sauces. Idrija’s famous dumplings gained protected status in 2010, the first Slovenian specialty to do so.

The story of Carnival doughnuts or krofi

Kurentovanje is also known as the time of the year when people munch on delicious treats called “krof”. Krofi are also known as doughnuts, traditionally filled with marmalade and covered with sugar. They look a lot like fried dough balls, which smell amazing and bring joy to everyone during the festivities.