TOP 10 Facts about Slovenes


Slovenes are an interesting nation. Before you travel to Slovenia or decide to take a trip to our country in the heart of Europe here are Top 10 interesting facts about Slovenes!

Did you know Slovenes are among the most active nations in Europe?

Around 60 % of the Slovenian population work out at least 3 hours per week! How active are you?

Slovenians also love to run. Almost every (bigger) village has its own marathon or organized run. Check out the calendar for this year’s marathons in Slovenia, here.

Did you know there are around 90.000 beekeepers in Slovenia?

Slovenia was labeled the “heart and soul of beekeeping” in Europe. The country is known for the quality of its honey and its long tradition of apiculture. One of the pioneers of apiculture on a global scale was Slovenian. Anton Janša (1734-1773) is considered to be the first teacher of modern beekeeping at the Habsburg court in Vienna.

A unique feature of beekeeping in Slovenia is the colorful panels of the beehives. Typically, they are decorated with paintings depicting scenes and characters from folk tales. This helps bees find their way into beehives and makes it easier for the beekeeper to distinguish between bees colonies.

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Did you know Slovenians are amongst the tallest population out there?

A typical male measures at around 1,8 m, while females are around the average 1,7 m. Hey, tall Slovenians! What does the weather look like up there?

Did you know the Slovenian population is among the oldest ones?

Slovenian residents are 43,5 years old on average. Slovenia is facing extremely big risks due to its aging population. Slovenia is one of ten EU member states whose expenditure would increase the most in 2013-60 due to population aging, according to the Ageing Report. We are, however, young by heart.

Did you know there are more males than females living in Slovenia?

For the first time in history of Slovenia, there are more males living in Slovenia, then females. The most common Slovene name for a man is Franc and Marija for a woman. he most common name for babies is either Luka for a boy or Ema for a girl.

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Did you know Slovenians are huge wine lovers?

Slovenes love their wine, which means they are the sixth biggest consumers of wine, per capita. Slovenia has many vineyards. It is claimed that there is a vineyard for every 70 people. Cheers to that! Now, where is my vineyard?

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Did you know Slovenians love to eat?

An average Slovene eats around 123kg of wheat products, 111kg of vegetables, 93kg of meat, 88kg of fruit, 67kg of potatoes, 11kh of eggs, 5kg of rice and 1kg of honey per year.

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Slovenians love to celebrate their love of food with a bunch of gastronomic and culinary events.

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Did you know the first married couple to climb Mount Everest was from Slovenia?

30 years ago, Marija and Andrej Štremfelj became the first married couple to climb Mount Everest.

Did you know Slovenians have very interesting and the silliest curse words?

We have prepared a list of top Slovenian curse words for you to learn before traveling to Slovenia, check out the list here.

Did you know there are 2.112.000 people living in Slovenia?

And another few thousand outside the country. The population of the capital city, Ljubljana, is 292.988. The second biggest city in Slovenia is Maribor.

Source: Slovenska turistična organizacija

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