New Smash Burger restaurant in Ljubljana


Smash Ljubljana is not just another new venue in the center of Ljubljana – it is proof of what can be achieved when dreams, talent, and a love for excellent food come together.

The story began with the idea of the perfect smash burger from the two owners of the restaurant Birdie, Tom Jaki and Vuk Bogdan Greganović. They first presented their new idea in 2022 at Odprta Kuhna in Ljubljana, where their burgers quickly gained loyal followers.

As the popularity of the burgers grew, they knew they were on the path to something special. They started dreaming of a place where guests could enjoy delicious smash burgers every day, not just on Fridays. At this crucial moment, Aleš Prestor joined their story, a kindred spirit with a shared passion for excellent food and drink. Together, they began shaping the vision of opening a unique venue in the heart of Ljubljana.

These dreams have now become a reality. Smash Ljubljana is located in the city center, at Slovenska cesta 25, and offers a pleasant ambiance where guests can enjoy various burgers.

But the experience doesn’t stop at burgers. The venue also boasts an impressive bar with more than 50 different cocktails and a wide selection of champagnes. From classic cocktails to unique creations that will satisfy every taste. The bar menu is a testament to their dedication, quality, and creativity.