Gradiško lake


Lake is dotted with some 20 marked energetic points

46.571795, 15.871801

Gradiško lake, also known as Trojiško lake, calls the village of Sv.Trojica v Slovenjskih Goricah its home.  The pilgrimage church of the Holy Trinity makes for a unique backdrop to the lake, which is otherwise known for healing locations scattered on the hillside under the church.

A 3-kilometer footpath that surrounds the lake is dotted with some 20 marked energetic points, a fraction of the 50 that were officially discovered. You can begin your hike at the Sv. Trojica center, continue up the 186 stairs of the stations of Christ and finish by circling the entire lake. Particular attention should be diverted to the energetic point next to the chapel, for it is considered one of the most powerful in Slovenia – its diameter is an incredible 15 meters wide.

The lake is also a favorite place for those seeking recreation and fishing, who have the possibility of camping of the lake’s shores. In the summer months, windsurfers try catching the constant breeze, while in winter the lake becomes a natural ice-skating ring.

Source: THE Slovenia Lakes

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