We are excited to announce the release of our latest map, The Ljubljana Map 2023/2024, guiding you through the wonders of our captivating capital city.

Ljubljana should be on your bucket list as it is one of the most cities in the world, and not to mention it holds the title of Green capital of Europe In 2016. Ljubljana is filled with many attractions, amazing sights, restaurants, cafes, and bars. We kindly invite you to explore Ljubljana with our newest summer edition of The Ljubljana map 2023/2024. Our newest edition of The Ljubljana map will guide you this summer through some of the best cafes, fun activities, museums, restaurants, and events.

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Slovenia’s capital city is a charming European destination. Furthermore, Ljubljana is recognized as one of the safest capitals in the world, not to mention also one of the greenest capitals of Europe. No wonder, Ljubljana is considered as the best city for both domestic and foreign travelers. We can assure you will have a good time and will never be bored, as Slovenian capital has many places to see and visit. There is always something going on around Ljubljana.