TOP 8 experience in Ljubljana & Central Slovenia


TOP 8 experience in Ljubljana & Central Slovenia

Ljubljana Castle, photo:, James Relf Dyer, Beautiful Destinations

Slovenia’s central region earns its name in many more ways than simple geography. The nation’s lively capital Ljubljana dominate the area, and acts as Slovenia’s political, educational, economic and cultural centre in the process. Much like Rome, all roads lead here, and the city is the nervecentre of Slovenian life and development.

It is by no means the largest capital city in Europe (in fact, it’s actually one of its smallest), but it crams more than enough into its elegant streets to keep even the most avid traveller enraptured,while the surrounding countryside also offers much to see, do and experience.

Under the new regional division developed by the Slovenian Tourist Board, the central region stretches all the way from Kamnik and the foothills of the Alps in the north, to Cerkno and ldrija in the west, and everything due south of Ljubljana to the border with Croatia, and even a bit further east to the Bela Krajina region.

Lake Cerknica – Europe’s largest intermittent lake

Circumnavigate Europe’s largest intermittent lake in Cerknica

Now you see it, now you don’t! Well perhaps not that quickly but regardless Europe’s largest periodic body of water, Lake Cerknica is, truly a magical natural phenomena. The lake is usually at its largest in spring, whilst when dry it becomes a green meadow where cattle graze amongst sinkholes. When the lake freezes over in the winter it becomes a venue for cross country skiing and ice skating.

Photo:, Jošt Gantar

Cerknica Lake

Ljubljana Castle for You – a Private Castle Experience

The private castle experience is for everyone who, in addition to diverse experiences, wants something more, something exclusively for you – a personal approach and a personal experience. The assistant will guide you through the history of the Ljubljana Castle right up to the present day and reveal its hidden corners to you.

Photo:, Dean Dubokovič

Ljubljana Castle

Piran – Listen to church bells ring while sipping a coffee on Tartini Square

Piran is to the Adriatic what Slovenia as a whole is to Europe: tiny, friendly and overwhelmingly picturesque. Simply put, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with. Despite its modest size, Piran is awash in superlatives, boasting the country’s finest square, Tartinijev Trg, and one of the most dramatically situated churches anywhere in Europe, St George Cathedral and its spectacu­lar bell tower.

Photo:, Barbara Kožar

Piran Tartini Square.jpg

Pivka – Step onto a submarine at the Park of Military History

Pivka’s Park of Military History is a museum and tourist centre with various exhibits and diverse collections that offers its visitors a unique insight into national,as well as world history. Attractions included tank-artillery collection from World War Two, the period of the Americanmilitary aid to for­mer Yugoslavia in the 1950s, the Cold War and the Slovenian liberation war in 1991.

Photo:, Valter Leban, arhiv Zavod za turizem Pivka

Idrija – Discover the delicate art of lacemaking

The oldest document that mentions ldrija’s lacemaking is from the very end of the 17 th century, but the tradition almost certainly dates back much further. Of the many exhibitions and galleries located in and around ldrija’s old town, the best place to view the history of the tradition and the see exquisite examples of  finished lace products is the multi-room exhibition at the City Museum.

Photo:, Foto Video Coppo di Marco Coppo

Idrija delicate art of lacemaking.jpg

Kočevje – be on the lookout for bears in the forests near Kocevje

Kočevje is one of the most preserved natural parts of Slovenia, with 90% of the landscape covered by forests. For those wishing to explore this pristine natural environ­ment, much of the area is marked with trails, which lead through nature preserves, virgin forests, Karst caves, viewing points and a hidden animal world – the latter most notably including the largest population of Slove­nia’s famous brown bear.

Photo:, Marjan Artnak

Kocevje - forest bear

Ljubljana – Capture dragons with your selfie stick

Legend has it that Ljubljana’s ubiquitous dragon is none other than the one immortalised in Greek mythology by Jason and his crew of roguish Argonauts. But it’s the dragon who’s had the last laugh at least in Ljubljana, where he adorns everything from magnets and bridges to cookies and bottles of craft beer, not to mention the city’s flag. Selfie opportunities abound, as can be attested by Instagram.

Photo:, Aleš Fevžer

Ljubljana dragons breadge.jpg

Ljubljana – Learn about the world’s oldest wheel at the Ljubljana City Museum

Ljubljana’s City Museum is a magnificent institution run by a team of historians who know how to show people a good time. Featuring a wide range of exhibits showcasing the history of Ljubljana in all its colours, both good and bad. One of its most prized possessions is the world’s oldest wooden wheel and axle,which were pulled from the UNESCO protected Barje wetlands just south of the city.

Photo:, © Matevž Paternoster / MGML

world's odlest wheel.jpg

The Slovenia Experiences 2019 2020& Central Slovenia

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