Top free things to do in Ljubljana


Ljubljana should be on your bucket list as it is one of the most cities in the world, and not to mention it holds the title of Green capital of Europe In 2016. As we know most European capital cities can be a bit on the pricey side, however, you will find some amazing free things to do in Ljubljana.

In this article, we explore the top free things to do in Ljubljana.

Whether you are on a travel budget or not, you and I can probably agree on the fact that the best things in life are free. With this fact in our minds, we have prepared a list of top free things to do in Ljubljana. So, put your wallet away for this one and let’s jump into it.

Visit the Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle stands like a true medieval or storybook attraction on a hill. Ljubljana Castle has been standing strong above the city of Ljubljana for over 900 years. You can walk up the hill and explore the surroundings of the castle for free.

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Discover Roman remains of Emona in Ljubljana

Emona was the predecessor of modern-day Ljubljana. Take a walk around Ljubljana for free and explore the Roman remains in the center. While on a wander around the city, you may come across an open-air gym. Ljubljana has fifteen of them (including one on the castle hill) and they are perfect for some free exercise. What a good way to explore Ljubljana, right?

Perhaps the most impressive of all the Emona monuments is the former city wall, which can be found along Mirje just south of the city center. Originally surrounding the town and featuring four main gates, at their most impressive the walls were 2.5m thick and reached heights of up to 8m.

Visit museums for free in Ljubljana

Do you love going through different museums? Well, then you will love this free thing to do in Ljubljana! There are two important dates for museum lovers in Ljubljana. The first is February 8th – the anniversary of the death of the great Slovenian poet France Prešeren. The second is a Saturday in June (the date isn’t fixed) – Museum Night. On these days you can visit museums for free. During the Museum Night, all cultural institutions and galleries stay open till midnight. There is also a special shuttle which takes you from one museum to the next, so you can visit more than one museum in one night!

Free walking tour in Ljubljana

Back to our capital city of Ljubljana. The cult of the free tour has well and truly taken over Europe, and Ljubljana is in on the game. There aren’t many better ways of getting a great introduction to the city from a diverse group of passionate and engaging guides. Meeting on Prešeren Square every day at 11:00 (and again at 15:00 between June and October), the tour covers everything from the city center to the medieval Old Town to spooky hidden alleys and a whole lot more.

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Enjoy the free exhibitions in park Tivoli, Ljubljana

Park Tivoli is the largest park in our capital city of Ljubljana. It truly comes to life in the spring and summer. It is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of work or sightseeing. There are even free yoga classes in the summer.

Take a stroll from the busy city center and visit park Tivoli, where you will be able to check out the beautiful photo exhibitions located in front of the Jakopič Pavillion. Photo exhibitions at park Tivoli are a great representation of Slovenian photographers and artists. You will also be able to learn a lot about Slovenia while walking through this top free thing to do in Slovenia.

Take a Cavalier ride in Ljubljana

Cavaliers are electric vehicles used to transport both locals and visitors to the central market and around the city center. They’ll save you when you’re feeling really tired after walking around all day or carrying a heavy load. Taking the Cavalier ride is one of the top free things to do in Ljubljana as the drivers are very nice and won’t mind sharing their knowledge about the city.

It’s quite amazing that this service is free!

A booking can be made by calling +386 31 666 331 or +386 31 666 332.

Learn the Slovenian language

With the right attitude and motivation, you will be speaking Slovenian language like a pro in no time! Or you will at least learn a sentence or two, which will surely come in hand for your upcoming trip to Ljubljana in the near future.

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Enjoy the free exhibitions by the Ljubljanica river

Similar to the exhibitions in park Tivoli, there are free photo exhibitions along the Ljubljanica river in front of the Trnovo district. You will find this top free thing to do in Ljubljana on the street called Krakovski nasip. Perhaps the nice drivers of Cavalier will drive you there.

Every few months the city of Ljubljana displays new a new photo exhibition under the tall chestnut trees. The themes of the exhibitons are all very different and are sometimes connected to current events in Ljubljana.

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Join a running group in Ljubljana for free

Running has become really popular not only in Ljubljana, but across the whole country of Slovenia. There are so many races, marathons and other events organized around this fun sport activity. There are even running groups that get together a couple of times per week and run together in preparations for the marathons, or just for fun. One group meets in park Tivoli, they are called Ljubljanski tekači, while the other meets at Koseški bajer on Saturdays. If you love to run then this will be without a doubt a top free thing to do in Ljubljana.

Discover Metelkova street

A section of Metelkova Street is a hidden hive of alternative culture. If street art is your thing, you should definitely visit it. This culture zone occupies former military barracks, now hosting hostels, bars, clubs, art galleries, and studios.

It’s the most open-minded place in the capital and the birthplace of many human rights protests. When you’re in the mood for lively nightlife, good company and new music, it’s the perfect place to go.

Get inspired by visiting a market or fair in Ljubljana

Visiting a market or fair is another good way to get inspired and get to know the locals and their daily life. Not to mention visiting the market or fairs in Ljubljana are free.

Ljubljana’s markets and fairs are places where people go not only to do the shopping but also to meet friends and acquaintances and enjoy themselves together. Visit the picturesque Ljubljana Central Market, open from Monday to Saturday, the Antique Flea Market, held on the Breg embankment on Sundays, or one of the art fairs held in the historical city center in the summer. If you visit Ljubljana in December, make sure not to miss the vibrant Christmas Fair. Is visiting the market one of your favorite free things to do while in Ljubljana? Let us know!

Take walk through Ljubljana

Taking a walk through the picturesque streets of Ljubljana is a perfect way to see most of the city’s major architectural sights, get to know some of the distinctive local features, and meet people. Climb the castle hill, spend some wonderful moments in the castle courtyard and along the ramparts, and let stunning city views make you fall in love with Ljubljana. Walking through our beautiful capital city is without a doubt are top free thing to do in Ljubljana.

Work out in an outdoor gym in Ljubljana

Running isn’t the only thing that locals in Ljubljana do to keep fit. We also enjoy doing strength training and oftentimes we choose to do it outside.

There are a few places in Ljubljana (Ljubljana Castle, Tivoli, Koseze Pond, Mostec, Tomačevo, Črnuče, POT and Trnovo) with outdoor fitness machines. Although they’re usually a bit away from the crowds, don’t expect to find yourself alone. If you want to meet sporty locals, these are good places to hang out, especially in the afternoons and on weekends.

Learn how to pronounce Ljubljana

Depending what your language background is, the lovely Ljubljana might be a nightmare for you to pronounce, or a piece of cake.

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