B-Restaurant & Bar / Ljubljana


Spectacular views, a tempting culinary concept and an open kitchen where you an join the cooks as they prepare your dish.

A hidden gem of the Slovenian culinary, B restaurant, is located on the 20th floor of InterContinental hotel Ljubljana, high above the vibrant city streets with a beautiful view of the capital and the Alps. The B restaurant stands proudly as the highest restaurant in the city.

Executive chef Komnen Bakić, travelled the world to gain experience in luxurious restaurants and prestigious hotels so he can delight the guests with culinary masterpieces. The new menu is complex and enriched with diverse flavours and structures that make for technically complex dishes. The chef uses prime ingredients, which he only briefly exposes to thermal processing, as well as lower-grade cuts of meat that he turns into true delicacies by using a well-thought-out marinade and slow and lengthy cooking.

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Regardless of whether you are coming alone to sit at the community table and engage in conversation with other foodies, or with your loved one for a romantic date, a business lunch to close an important deal or with a group of friends to celebrate some special occasion – the doors to our B-restaurant&bar are
wide open for everyone.

Like the bee, after which our B-restaurant was named, we cherish the community and encourage everyone to buzz around for some good food and casual vibes on top of the city.

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