Planšarsko lake


Excellent choice for actively spending your free time

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Planšarsko lake, located in wonderful Jezersko, is a heart-shaped lake, made by the locals to commemorate a large glacial lake, which gave Jezersko its name. Cute, isn’t it?

The lake is an excellent choice for actively spending your free time – apart from walking; there are a whole plethora of things to do. In the summertime, you can glide on the lake’s surface with a boat of a stand-up paddle, which you can rent in the nearby inn. Swimming in the lake though, is not for the faint of heart, because even in summer, the temperature of the water doesn’t exceed 15° Celsius – you can always do some sports climbing on an artificial wall on the banks of the lake. In winter, you can ice-skate either on the lake itself or on the artificial ice ring next to the parking space.

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The surroundings of the lake will spoil you with all kinds of treats: in winter, you can enjoy well-kept pistes for cross-country skiing; while exploring Jezersko, you can also visit the healing mineral water spring of Jezerska slatina, the church of St. Andrew with its frescoes, Ankova’s waterfalls, the spring of Jezernica stream and the last preserved glacier in Slovenia – the glacier underneath mt. Skuta.

The lake can be an ending (or beginning) destination for a whole range of mountaineering expeditions, including, but not limited to Roblekova planina, Virnikov Grintovec, Mt. Skuta, Velika Baba, Mt. Kočna, Goli Vrh, and others.

The shores of the lake are also hosts to the oldest ethnographic performance in Slovenia – Ovčarski bal – which was first introduced to these shores in August 1958.

Planšarsko lake has been inspiring artists, poets, and scientists for centuries, so it is no wonder Janez Vajkard Valvasor first mentioned it in Slava Vojvodine Kranjske in 1689.

Source: THE Slovenia Lakes

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