Top summer destination: Slovenia

Their love for Slovenia has been poured onto paper: two books have been created, "The Slovenia Lakes" and "The Slovenia Book".


Love inspires us all. Love for Slovenia, its vibrant shades of blue and green, enchanting hidden corners, stories of its people, and messages from medieval towns have captivated unstoppable explorers, travelers, adventurers, and those who appreciate beauty. Manca Korelc, Yuri Barron, and Peter Kamien are the ones who have written an ode to Slovenia and dressed it in book covers.

What do an American, a German, and a Slovenian have in common?

If we indulge in a bit of humor, their shared “favorite destination” – administrative unit – brings them together. But beyond their affinity for bureaucratic challenges, all of them share the distinction of being published authors, writing about the beauty of Slovenia, under the esteemed international publishing house, The Slovenia. The refreshed editions of the books “The Slovenia Lakes” and “The Slovenia Book” have recently been released.


Yuri Barron was born in Alaska, lived in Seattle, and for the past sixteen years, he has established his base and permanent residence in Slovenia, although he constantly travels. He prefers to explore authentic, local experiences, going beyond the obvious tourist paths. When he travels, he stays in a chosen destination for months or even years, as his decision depends on the current inspiration. Barron is the global editor of the tourist guidebook “In Your Pocket” and its co-owner, but first and foremost, he is a traveler who has visited 105 countries and over 100 places in Slovenia. His writings about Slovenia, along with contributions from other foreign journalists, have been collected by the international publishing house, The Slovenia, in their sixth book celebrating our country. He experiences Slovenia through the eyes of a cosmopolitan, recognizing all the unique aspects and peculiarities that locals may overlook or simply take for granted. To attend the presentation of his sixth book in Ljubljana, he embarked on a 43-hour journey from Malaysia. Once again, reachable at his permanent address, he will continue exploring Slovenia for several more weeks.

Yuri Barron


Dr. Peter Kamien is a psychologist and an expert in the field of marketing and advertising. His first experience with Slovenia occurred over thirty years ago when he traveled across the border from Austria with films in cassettes for shooting a commercial in the Lipica Stud Farm. Unfortunately, diligent customs officials inspected, opened, and inadvertently exposed the entire material to light. Despite this unfortunate incident, he returned to Slovenia multiple times and eventually settled here permanently twelve years ago. The reason: love. He is the author of the new German edition of “The Slovenia Book, 1000 Bucket List Ideas,” which is not just a translation but an original refreshed edition.

Dr Peter Kamien


Manca Korelc, through her project of visiting lakes and her love for water, wrote her first book, “The Slovenia Lakes,” which sold out incredibly quickly, leading to a refreshed reprint. She believes that you don’t just visit a lake, you experience it – and she has personally experienced 1451 lakes to this day. Additionally, she has added over 100 waterfalls to her repertoire, which she plans to explore in future books. Recognizing that water has always attracted people and serves as a magnet for tourism development, she encourages all travelers and lake visitors to preserve nature and the authenticity of the lakes, with the aim of safeguarding these tourist gems for the future.

Manca Korelc, author of the book The Slovenia Lakes

The Slovenia International Publishing House.

The common denominator among all the aforementioned authors is The Slovenia International Publishing House and Niko Slavnič – a lecturer at the IEDC Bled School of Management and a visiting lecturer worldwide, who couldn’t find a suitably updated book about Slovenia on the market. That’s why he decided to embark on a seven-year project under the auspices of The Slovenia Publishing House, resulting in the first book about Slovenia written by international journalists. The book “The Slovenia Book” is now released annually in a refreshed edition, available in Slovenian, English, and German, and this year, it will also have its premiere in French. In addition to “The Slovenia Book” and “The Sloveniaa Lakes,” they have also established a bilingual media portal called The Slovenia, with over 7,000 articles freely accessible to all who wish to read about the beauties of Slovenia.

2 books, 4 languages, 1101 reasons for a staycation and 1101 reasons to visit Slovenia.

A book is always a beautiful gift. A book that inspires you to explore the world around you, your own country, or the countries of your friends, colleagues, or business partners will always hold a special place on your bookshelf and in your luggage. The books “The Slovenia Lakes” and “The Slovenia Book” are available in the online store of The Slovenia portal and in bookstores of Mladinska knjiga.

May this summer be filled with adventures, new perspectives, discovered corners, and refreshing dives into the most beautiful Slovenian lakes – let it be wonderful!