Home Sweet Home

Two books and 1001 ideas for vacation at home.


Today, on Thursday, July 6th, a presentation of bestselling books – the seventh edition of the book “The Slovenia, 1000 Bucket List Ideas” and the updated edition of “The Slovenia Lakes, Top 101 Lake” took place at the Konzorcij Bookstore.

These books are unique guides intended for both foreign guests and locals who would like to get to know their country, experience unique adventures, and find hints for day trips, breaks, or vacations at home.

The Slovenia Lakes, Top 101 Lake” is a book that captivates with its photogenic beauty and lively personal narratives about selected lakes. “The Slovenia Book, 1000 Bucket List Ideas” is a treasury of inspiration and ideas for exploring all Slovenian regions, including lists of the best restaurants, attractions, specialties, and experiences. These are the books we will flip through whenever we want to discover new corners of Slovenia.

Home Sweet Home

At the roundtable discussion moderated by Niko Slavnič, the director of the international publishing house The Slovenia, Dr. Peter Kamien, Yuri Barron, and Manca Korelc shared their perspectives on the green country on the sunny side of the Alps.

Dr. Kamien, a German editor, psychologist, marketing and advertising expert, and author of the new German edition of “Slovenia, 1000 Ideas for a Vacation at Home,” which is not just a translation but an original refreshed edition. He was brought to Slovenia by business, stayed for love, and regards Slovenia as a perfect country from a tourist’s perspective.

Dr Peter Kamien

Yuri Barron, the editor-in-chief of the tourist guidebook “In Your Pocket” and its co-owner, has been enchanting foreign travelers with his writings about Slovenia since 2009. An American who found himself in Slovenia in 2007 due to a series of circumstances, he contributed numerous articles to “The Slovenia Book, 1000 Bucket list Ideas” about places that captivated him personally.

Yuri Barron

Manca Korelc is a passionate explorer of lakes, an avid athlete, and a native of Kočevje, which is why it comes as no surprise that her favorite is the Kočevje or Rudnik Lake, which holds many memories from her youth. She believes that you don’t just visit lakes, you experience them – and she has already experienced 1451 of them to this day.

Manca Korelc

Two books, four languages, endless ideas.

The book “The Slovenia Lakes, the Top 101 Lake” is a source of inspiration for all seasons. It offers summer refreshments, spring and autumn explorations, winter natural ice-skating rinks, romantic getaways, sports achievements, conquered peaks, and breathtaking views. Available in English and Slovenian, it will delight anyone seeking serene and extraordinary spots reflected in the blue water.

“The Slovenia Book, 1000 Bucket List Ideas” is the result of the collective work of foreign journalists who present Slovenia in a new and dynamic way. In English, German, and French, it carries the subtitle “1000 Bucket List Ideas”, presenting more than 1000 ideas for exploring Slovenia, discovering its specialties, attractions, best restaurants, events, and ultimate experiences that can only be found on the sunny side of the Alps.

Two books, four languages, endless ideas.

These summer literary classics are available at the sales points of the Mladinska knjiga bookstore and on the website www.the-slovenia.com/shop.