Aerosol Magee Scientific receives WIPO Global Award for Intellectual Property Innovation


Aerosol Magee Scientific, led by CEO Mateja Forštnarič, proudly accepted the WIPO Global Award on the esteemed WIPO stage in Geneva, Switzerland. This prestigious accolade is bestowed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a renowned global forum dedicated to intellectual property services, policies, information, and cooperation. As a self-funding agency of the United Nations, WIPO has been fostering innovation since its establishment in 1967, with 193 member states actively contributing to its mission.

Out of a remarkable pool of 548 candidates representing over 50 countries, Aerosol Magee Scientific emerged as a recipient of this distinguished award. Their selection was based on their successful commercialization of intellectual property and their remarkable impact on the economy, society, or culture, all while embracing diversity and considering their unique location.

Mateja Forštnarič, CEO, receives the WIPO award.

The jury, comprising six esteemed experts, recognized Aerosol Magee Scientific as one of the most dynamic and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) harnessing innovation to shape the world and achieve business success through intellectual property.

During the awards ceremony, Mateja Forštnarič, CEO of Aerosol Magee Scientific, expressed profound gratitude for the recognition from WIPO. “We are incredibly proud and honored to receive the WIPO Global Award. This achievement holds tremendous significance for our team at Aerosol Magee Scientific, as it acknowledges our unwavering commitment to the intellectual property domain and the successful commercialization of our IP over the years.”

Forštnarič took the opportunity to extend heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated Aerosol Magee Scientific team in Ljubljana, Slovenia, stating, “This award is a testament to your efforts and an acknowledgment of your outstanding contributions. Thank you and congratulations! This achievement belongs to each and every one of you.”

The momentous occasion was accompanied by a captivating video presentation highlighting the company’s journey and accomplishments.

To learn more about the WIPO Global Awards and the exceptional winners, visit the official WIPO webpage.

In an interview with WIPO Magazine’s Editor, Catherine Jewell, Mateja Forštnarič shed light on the significance of the award for Aerosol Magee Scientific. “The WIPO Global Award is a testament to the efforts and work of the entire Aerosol Magee Scientific team in the domain of intellectual property. As a recipient of this prestigious honor, we will benefit from a tailored IP mentorship program provided by WIPO. This opportunity will offer us invaluable expert insights and advice to further enhance the commercialization of our IP.”

Forštnarič emphasized the immense value and impact of the ‘WIPO Global Award’ on their company. “This award elevates our brand image, recognition, promotion, and visibility. It amplifies our mission to raise awareness of Black Carbon and other carbonaceous aerosols’ detrimental effects on climate and human health. By enabling leaders and policymakers to make informed decisions, we strive to build sustainable economies and mitigate the negative impact of black carbon. The ‘WIPO Global Award’ serves as a great encouragement and motivation for us to continue our exceptional work. We are immensely proud.”

WIPO Global Awards 2023 Copyright: WIPO. Photo: Emmanuel Berrod.