Bled Named Top Honeymoon Destination for 2024/25


As wedding season blooms and couples worldwide dream of romantic escapes, Bled in Slovenia has emerged as the leading European honeymoon destination for the upcoming year. This revelation comes from a comprehensive analysis by CV Villas, which scrutinized global Google search trends over the past year to identify the most coveted spots for newlyweds across the continent.

Charming Bled: A Haven for Romance

Nestled in the heart of Slovenia, Bled enchants visitors with its fairytale-like setting. At the center of this picturesque town lies Lake Bled, an expansive body of water adorned with a tiny island hosting an idyllic church and presided over by a medieval castle perched on rocky cliffs. This stunning backdrop makes Bled a magnet for couples seeking a serene and romantic retreat to celebrate their newly-wedded bliss.

According to the research conducted by CV Villas, searches for ‘Bled honeymoon’ surged by an impressive 100% compared to the previous year. This surge catapulted Bled to third place on the list of top trending European honeymoon destinations for 2024/25, reflecting its growing popularity among couples worldwide.

European Trendsetters in Romance

The study, which analyzed over 2.94 million Google searches across 197 European destinations, highlighted Lefkada in Greece and Split in Croatia as the top two trending spots, with increases of 120% and 110% in searches, respectively. Bled’s rise to prominence underscores its allure, offering newlyweds a blend of natural beauty, historical charm, and tranquility that is increasingly appealing in today’s bustling world.

Continental Diversity: From Greece to Italy

Greece emerged as a dominant force in the rankings, with multiple destinations such as Naxos, Ios, and Mykonos also capturing spots on the coveted list. Italy, renowned for its romantic ambiance, featured destinations like Ischia and the Dolomites, while Spain’s Palma, Marbella, and Menorca rounded out the selection, each offering its own distinct allure for honeymooners.

Top Trending European Honeymoon Destinations

RankDestination12 Month Change (%)
1Lefkada – Greece120%
2Split – Croatia110%
3Bled – Slovenia100%
4Madeira – Portugal85%
5Marseille – France80%
6Ischia – Italy67%
7Naxos – Greece57%
8Dolomites – Italy55%
9Antalya – Turkey53%
10Hvar – Croatia52%
11Palma – Spain (Palma de Mallorca)51%
12Ios – Greece50%
13Mykonos – Greece49%
14Skiathos – Greece33%
15Kefalonia – Greece30%
16Marbella – Spain29%
17Menorca – Spain28%
18Taormina – Italy27%
=19Milos – Greece26%
=19Dubrovnik – Croatia26%
21Capri – Italy24%

Methodology and Insights

CV Villas’ methodology involved analyzing search volumes for terms like ‘destination name + honeymoon’ from March 2023 to April 2024, compared to the previous year. This approach provided a clear picture of evolving travel preferences among couples planning their post-wedding getaways.

Plan Your Dream Honeymoon

For those inspired by Bled’s enchanting beauty and seeking to explore other luxurious honeymoon destinations across Europe, CV Villas offers a curated selection of accommodations and travel experiences tailored to elevate romantic getaways. Whether it’s a tranquil lakeside retreat or a sun-kissed Mediterranean escape, the possibilities for crafting unforgettable memories are endless.

As the allure of Bled and other European gems continues to captivate couples worldwide, the stage is set for 2024/25 to be a year where romance and travel converge in perfect harmony.

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