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Traveling Sundial


The sundial is humanity’s oldest, most perfect, and most accurate measuring instrument that never breaks.

It is produced by Slovenian innovator and watchmaker Boštjan Pavlič.


A traveling sundial is a device that enables time measurement based on sunlight. It is an ancient method of timekeeping that has been used since ancient times. It operates on the principle of shadow casting caused by the movement of the sun across the sky.

The traveling sundial has a basic design, which includes a horizontal surface (dial) with inscribed hour lines and pointers. The most crucial part of the sundial is the pointer called the gnomon, which rises from the dial at a specific angle according to the geographical latitude of the location where it is placed. The gnomon is oriented towards the sky and creates a shadow when illuminated by the sun.

As the sun travels across the sky, the shadow of the gnomon moves on the dial, indicating the time. However, traveling sundials are not very accurate and practical for precise timekeeping, as the time deviation from official time can be significant, depending on the seasonal time and geographical location. They are also sensitive to cloudy days when the shadow is not distinct enough.


Paulio Bastelli manufactures watches using various materials such as glass, wood, stone, metal, and others. They offer different types of watches, tailored to customers’ preferences, including wall, table, floor, or hiking watches. The design and size of the watch are determined through mutual agreement, and the execution is customized according to the customer’s order. They incorporate mechanisms from renowned companies like HERMLE, JUNGHANS, or BODET into their watches.

Furthermore, the company is gradually expanding into the field of outdoor clocks, high-end advertising clocks, and sundials made from noble metals with artisanal processing. They also aim to contribute to urban architecture by providing high-quality clocks that add charm and functionality to the urban environment.

Paulio Bastelli is a manufacturing workshop located in the heart of Slovenia, specifically in Domžale.

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