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The incredible natural treasures have given birth to 15 certified natural health spas and three wine growing regions, the home of 53 different species of vine. We have developed 365 typical local and regional foods and beverages. Find out the best Slovenia highlights. Slovenia, with its 20,273 km², is like Europe in a nutshell. On such a small surface area, it combines the Mediterranean, Alps, the Karst, and the Pannonian Basin. More than 60% of its surface area is covered by forests, it is home to around 26,000 km of waterways, it boasts over 300 lakes and more than 10,000 underground caves.

Slovenian hiking trails

hiking trails
TOP Slovenia Hiking trails

Slovenia truly is a hiking paradise with more than 10,000 kilometers of marked hiking trails. Grab your hiking boots and let’s go explore the top Slovenian hiking trails. Spend your holiday in the heart of mountainous Slovenia. Walkthrough the dynamic and untouched nature with 10,000 kilometers of marked hiking trails. You can choose from 175 mountain huts or spend a night in hotels and camps for hikers. Slovenia has a diverse selection of hiking trails for you to choose from. We have selected the top Slovenian hiking trails.

Soča Trail, Long-distance trail the Julian Alps Slovenian, Mountain Trail Walk of Peace Alpe Adria Trail – through Slovenia, Juliana Trail, Zasavje Long-Distance Trail, Piran hiking trails, Via Dinarica Slovenia, Via Bela krajina, Logar Valley, Austria and Italy Via Alpina … Read more about TOP Sloveni hiking trails …

Top experience: Kayaking in Slovenia

Besides rafting and canyoning, kayaking is one of the most popular water activities in Slovenia. In fact, it has been ranked number one amongst attractions on offer in several regions of Slovenia. Do you need more convincing that kayaking in Slovenia is a must?

Kayaking in the perfect way to explore the beautiful Slovenian rivers and streams. With clear water and may rapids kayaking in Slovenia should be on your to-do list on your next trip to Slovenia. Top experience: Kayaking in Slovenia here.

TOP 10 best Slovenia attractions

TOP Best 10 Slovenia attrctions mus see
Top Sloveni attractions – must see

Slovenia is home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN). Its great cities of art, like Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper, and Piran are famous and have been attracting visitors for centuries. Besides its art treasures, Slovenia also features beautiful coasts, alpine lakes and mountains. No wonder it is often named as one of the greenest and smallest countries with a big heart. With so many amazing sights, putting together a compilation of top tourist attractions in Slovenia is no easy task. The following list however, should give a good indication of why foreign tourists visit Slovenia every year. Read more about TOP 10 must see slovenia attractions …

Top Slovenian castles

top slovenia caslte
Castle Predjamski grad

Slovenia has many beautiful castles scattered across the whole country. Explore top Slovenian castles like a true royal. Slovenia does not have a monarchy even though there are more than 500 castles in the country! That means there is approximately one castle per 25 kilometers. While some of these castles are in impeccable condition, others are now standing as ruins you can explore. Quite a few mighty buildings survived the test of time; in these, you can now see various exhibitions and shows, listen to concerts, dine, spend the night, or experience the wedding of your dreams. In this article, we discover top Slovenian castles. Read more about TOP Slovenia castles …

TOP Slovenia Restaurants

top slovenia restauratns
TOP Slovenia Restaurants

Food and wine tourism is becoming the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry, both around the world and in Slovenia.  A collection of the best restaurants in Slovenia can help tourists (local and foreign) decide where to go when seeking new culinary horizons. The selection of the best Slovenian restaurants is also meant for the general Slovenian public – how many times do you think about going out for a nice family lunch on Sunday, but have no idea where to go? With the selection of the best Slovenian restaurant we want to bring awareness of our rich culinary offer and raise the requirement in general public to demand the best. Read more about TOP 100 Slovenia Restaurants …

TOP 10 Slovenian Dishes

top lovenia dishes

You have to try best Slovenia dishes: Belokranjs ka pogača – Bela Krajina Flat Bread, Blejs ka kremšnita – Bled Cream Cake, Idrijs ki Žlikrofi – Idrija-style Žlikrofi, Kranjska klobasa – Kranjs ka Sausage, Prekmurska Gibanica – Prekmurje Layered Pastry, Šelinka – Celery Hot Pot, Skutni štruklji – Curd Cheese Štruklji, Slovenska Potica – Slovene Potica, Soška postrv – Soča River Trout, Zgornjesavinjs ki Želodec – Stuffed Pig´s Stomach. Read more about TOP Slovenia dishes …

TOP Things to do in Ljubljana – capital of Slovenia

ljubljana capital of slovenia
Ljubljana The capital of Slovenia

The tongue twisting capital of Slovenia is the figurative and (almost) literal centre of the ountry, with nearly three times more inhabitants than any other Slovene city and an even arger share of its commercial, administrative, cultural and educational activity. In 2014, Ljubljana notably celebrated the 2000th anniversary of the founding of the Roman settlement of Emona, whose ruins lie underneath the present day city. However, according to the local legend the origins of Ljubljana go back even further, namely, to the turn of the first millennium BC, when Jason and Argonauts stopped for a time. Regardless of the legend’s historical accuracy, it continues to live on through the dragons adorning its bridges, flags and more. Read more about Ljubljana – the capital of Slovenia …

TOP Wine experiences in Slovenia

slovenia wine winery the best
TOP Wine experience in Slovenia

We’re both very excited and honoured to say ‘Na zdravje!’ to wine lovers the world over with this first edition of our THE Slovenia Wine book, covering all three of the country’s distinct wine regions, and their nine constituent districts. From the earthy reds of Primorska in the west, to the sweet whites of Podravje in the northeast to the limitless supply of refreshing cviček of Posavje in the southeast, this book is intended to give only a brief overview of the many incredible wine experiences that can be had in Slovenia, one of the oldest centres of winemaking in the world and yet still, for many, an unexplored destination. Read more about wine in Slovenia …

Canyoning in Slovenia

Canyoning in Slovenia is an amusing, energetic, and unique way to discover the artistry of Slovenian nature, which is normally hidden from the casual glance of passers-by. Canyoning in Slovenia through the narrow channels, jumping over small waterfalls, into crystal clear pools, sliding on natural chutes, and challenging more powerful falls with a rope can be fun for the whole family. Canyoning in Slovenia could be seen more as a child’s play then the extreme water sport it is considered to be.  Appealing to those sure of foot, sure of stroke, and those at one with nature, it is an enjoyable adrenaline-boosting adventure experience. Top experiences: Canyoning in Slovenia

TOP Bike Parks in Slovenia

top bike parks Slovenia
TOP bike parks in Slovenia

Beginners and professionals will be happy to ride on the biking trails in the many bike parks. Bike around and visit one of the top bike parks or pump tracks in Slovenia. The Rock’n’Flow Trail is for long-distance rides, the Scott Trail has waves, jumps, and bends, the Cross Country Trail is for anyone who wishes to break a sweat riding uphill, and there are also other mountain uphill trails. The cable car will take you to the Krvavec ski slope, from where you have access to various biking trails. Bike Park Krvavec offers 17 km of difficult uphill trails and adrenaline-filled downhill trails on asphalt and gravel paths. TOP Bike parks in Slovenia …

TOP Highlights of Slovenia

If there was a tick sheet of things a tourist or traveller would want from a place based purely on aesthetics, it would probably run something as such; big blue lake, idyllic island, iconic church, domineering castle atop a hill. Lake Bled has all of this, with the added bonus of the church sitting proudly in the middle of the island. It is one of the most popular destinations in Slovenia, and for good reason. Read more about TOP Highlihts of Slovenia …