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“The book scours JB’s homeland, Slovenia, and visits his favorite producers. He chose twenty ingredients in search of which we visited twenty remote destinations. We travelled from the shores of the Adriatic Sea to the Alps and from the Pannonian Basin to the emerald rivers and rolling hills. We showed Slovenia through ingredients which thrive here, but also hopped over the border to the Croatian part of Istria and the Kvarner Gulf and to the Italian side of the Gorizia Hills.

JB is the book’s main protagonist while one ingredient and its producer are depicted in each chapter. These farmers, cultivators and sellers are the heroes of the story about the search for the best Slovenia has to offer as described by chef’s journeys. I loved being a part of this adventure. My task was to present the producers and ingredients which “forced” me to taste a wealth of excellent dishes.

Highly-decorated Slovenian photographer Matjaž Tančič, who otherwise lives in China, accompanied me on this trip …”

Excerpt from the book



chef Janez Bratovž,

words by Noah Charney,

portraits by Matjaž Tančič,

food photography by Manca Jevšček,

designed by Žare Kerin.



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