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Ljubljana, tourist monograph in English


Tourist monograph written in ENGLISH. Paperback, 12 x 21.5 cm, 96 pages.

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Ljubljana is the political, administrative, cultural, economic, educational and scientific center of Slovenia. It is a picturesque and lively city that surprises. The region, which includes 25 surrounding municipalities in addition to Ljubljana, is characterized by traditional hospitality, rugged nature, pleasant small towns, castles, village churches with a rich artistic heritage and quality local inns. Residents, as well as many visitors, say that Ljubljana is a city tailored to people. Despite the fact that it ranks among medium-sized European cities, it maintains the friendliness of a small place, while at the same time it has everything that large capitals have. Ljubljana is an original city, interspersed with picturesque and pleasant corners, where you can experience many small surprises. In the tourist monograph that is in front of you, you can see and read everything about the history, culture and art of Ljubljana, as well as about all its natural beauties and attractions , and about all important tourist spots.

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