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Since the Escobar roastery is located in Vrhnika, they named their first house blend after the most famous resident of Vrhnika, the Slovenian writer Ivan Cankar, who is also the author of the short story “A Cup of Coffee” (“Skodelica kave” in Slovenian).

Experience the taste of Cankar’s coffee in your cup.

Aroma / Flavor
Fruity aromas and flavors, with a hint of honey in the aftertaste.

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The first “Skodelica kave” (A Cup of Coffee) in Vrhnika was created by the renowned Slovenian writer Ivan Cankar.

A century later, in the roastery in Vrhnika, a new story about “Skodelica kave” was conceived. With a positive attitude towards cultural heritage and a creative approach to coffee roasting, they write this story in the family-owned Escobar roastery. They offer a house blend made from the most esteemed Arabica coffee beans, and they have named it “Cankarjeva kava” (Cankar’s Coffee).

Cankar’s Coffee is recommended for coffee lovers who enjoy it prepared in the Turkish style.


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