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Glass with Jože Karlovšek’s Slovenian ornament


The glass adorned with J. Karlovšek’s Slovenian ornament is produced in Hrastnik Glassworks. It is packaged in a gift box adorned with the same ornament as on the glass, but on the box, it is presented in the colors as designed by Jože Karlovšek. The packaging offers a brief description of Jože Karlovšek as the main researcher of Slovenian ornamentation in Slovenian, German, and English. The side of the packaging features a cut-out detail through which the ornament on the glass is beautifully visible. The packaging is also made in Slovenia, in a printing workshop in Celje. The box is assembled by hand.

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The brand “Slovenski ornament Jože Karlovšek” preserves Slovenian cultural heritage; the products are made in Slovenia, primarily by renowned and high-quality Slovenian manufacturers.

In Slovenia, no one has systematically dealt with the Slovenian ornament as Jože Karlovšek did. Jože Karlovšek (1900–1963) was a tireless researcher and expert in ornamentation and Slovenian architectural heritage. He dedicated his life to the research and development of the Slovenian ornament.

The ornament has its tradition and history. It has evolved and been refined with Slovenian life up to the present day. Ornaments around the world are expressions of local culture and represent an invaluable value of ethnic content. The roots of the Slovenian ornament reach back into the distant Proto-Slavic world. People paid attention to the decor of their homes, utilitarian products, and clothing. The world of motifs revolved around their everyday life; they primarily used shapes from nature: grapevines, carnations, tulips, roses, birds, hearts.

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