How to make your own protective mask?


There is a shortage of protective face mask all around the world right now due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Even fashion designers are pivoting their business towards helping out with making more protective masks. Find out which ones are helping out, here.

In this article, we demonstrate how to make your very own protective mask, as they have become amendatory “accessory” if you want to go grocery shopping or go to the pharmacy.

For this use, it is also effective enough to have a home-made mask that will prevent any viruses from spreading. Because it has been known for some time now that we are infectious for several days before the first signs of the disease show. It is increasingly recommended that we wear masks to protect ourselves and others.

The mask prevents the spread of the infection to other people. At the same time, we can at least somewhat prevent any possible infection with the new Coronavirus in Slovenia, since even homemade masks are better than no protection at all.

University Medical Center Ljubljana has given us the guidelines on how to make a protective mask at home, using cotton. If you are Slovenian, you can access the instructions in Slovene here.

Instructions for making of washable cotton protective masks:

At UKC Ljubljana they have carefully measured all width and length of the material you will need to make your own protective mask to keep you safe from Coronavirus infection. The measurements are in centimeters. In the middle of the material, you will need where it says “pregib” you will bend the material for your nose.

The medical staff from UKC Ljubljana recommends you to make the protective mask using cotton material as it is washable.

One mask requires a piece of cotton goods 19 X 36 cm long and two cotton ones strip 100 cm long.

Prepare a template for marking wrinkles, designed to extend the mask and adjust. Work can be simplified by marking the position of wrinkles when the goods are already on the machine

For good sealing of the mask on the nasal area we use a household wire closure for bags, which is available in many grocery stores. Since this wire must not penetrate, we insert it into the piece of material, fold it, mark the wrinkles and insert the wire into the nasal part so that it can be installed later.

Attach the finished mask by tying the upper strap to the head and the lower strap to the neck.

How to properly use the homemade face mask?

The cotton protective mask is intended for multiple use as it can be washed in the washing machine. Before you make the protective mask, please wash the piece of fabric you will be using. Alongside, washing the fabric we kindly advise you to wash your hands as well.

Apply the mask to the face from the top of the nasal root over the mouth and under the chin to apply the mask
it fits snugly in the face.

Do not touch the mask during use; always wash or disinfect your hands in case of contact. This way you are preventing any transmission of microbes.

Never wear a mask under your nose or under your chin. After 2 hours or in case of moistening of the mask, remove it with a grip for straps or elastics and do not touch the front.

Keep the head straight (do not look down) when removing the mask to prevent germs from spreading out to the surface of the mask all over your clothes.

After the mask is removed, wash your hands.

Maintenance of the protective masks

After use, put the mask in a certain place so that it does not come in contact with clean laundry.
We recommend making the masks from cotton that allows washing at least 60 ° C in the washing machine, or 95 ° C. Use regular washing powders.