Top Trip to Kočevsko Lake


Kočevsko Lake, or Rudniško Lake, is one of the largest natural sights of the Kočevje region and among the cleanest in Slovenia. It was formed at the bottom of a mining valley, in which brown coal was mined until 1979.

When coal mining was still underway, a mine stream flowed into the basin filling two larger pools, whose water was then pumped and used for the separation of coal. Water was discharged through large pipes into the nearby Rinža River. When the work at the mine stopped, the water slowly filled up the well.

The lake is best known for its gigantic fish

The lake is very popular for lovers of fishing – it is dominated by carp weighing as much as 25kg, catfish measuring over two meters long, northern pike, zander, grass carp, chub, tench, rudd and other fish. Fishing permits can be purchased at the Lake Tourist Information Centre or at the Ribič gostilna where you will find a beautiful view of the lake.

Around the lake, there is a three kilometers long educational trail that locals and visitors use for jogging, cycling or walking. The lake is suitable for swimming and offers other recreational opportunities such as boating, SUPing, sailing, and diving, and if winter is cold enough, ice skating as well. The surrounding area of the lake is rich in various species of plants and animals, while the lake is also a breeding ground for many bird species, many of which are also on the red list of endangered breeding grounds in Slovenia. Ornithologists have recorded nearly 70 types of nesting bird species so far.

It appeals to me for its gentle birch trees

On the north side of the lake there a pine forest, which is a special natural habitat feature of Kočevje. Again and again, it fascinates me with the birch trees by the shore, which bestows the lake with a distinctive appearance. And with each visit we can be amazed by new wonders.

Why have I chosen this lake? Endless memories tie me to this place. It is my first lake and the lake from my collection that I feel is mostly mine. I have dedicated a few more pages to it at the end of the book for you to discover it in different seasons with the different shades of reflection.