Top Experiences: golf in Slovenia


Golfing has become a rather popular activity in Slovenia over the years. While Slovenia may be a small country in terms of square kilometers, its geographical diversity makes it an especially interesting destination for golfers. There are now a dozen courses in Slovenia. Grab your golf clubs and let’s go golfing in Slovenia.

In the past decade or so golf in Slovenia has grown from a minor curiosity into a full-fledged recreational sport enjoyed by thousands of locals and visitors alike, and was also named the Undiscovered Golf Destination of 2015 by the International Golf Travel Writers Association, which has 160 members and is administered by the IAGTO.

Slovenia has many top golf courses in Europe, as it has become an important part of the Slovenian tourist industry. More and more foreign and domestic golf players every week.

Some of the Slovenian golf courses are amongst the most beautiful golf courses in the world. Most Slovenian golf courses are surrounded by magnificent nature. They are set in typical landscapes on the edge of the Pannonian Plain, among vineyards of Zlati Grič and rolling hills, below Alpine summits, and in the idyllic karst landscape. For example, Royal Bled is now listed among the Top 100 golf courses in the world. Read more here …

Slovenian golf courses are surrounded by beautiful nature

Due to the short distances within Slovenia, you can reach most of the golf clubs from Ljubljana within one hour. That’s why golfing in Slovenia is one of the top experiences.

Top golf courses in Slovenia

In the last decade, Slovenia has played host to eight official EGA European Amateur Championships, which is proof that Slovenian golf courses are of good quality and challenging. In this article, we also explore the top 10 golf courses in Slovenia, making your decision on which golf course in Slovenia to choose easier. Keep reading to discover the top golf courses in Slovenia below!

Royal Bled Golf

The Bled Golf Course is the oldest and the largest in Slovenia. Royal Bled Golf is distinguished by its amazing natural features and spectacular views of the highest Slovenian mountains. Royal Bled Golf course with a renowned Alpine lake nearby is among the most popular in Europe. The King’s Course, with 18 holes, and the Lake Course, with 9 holes, offer plenty of opportunities for beginners but also set a challenge for the most advanced players.

Royal Bled was ranked at the 86th spot on the World’s 100 Golf Courses. Royal Ble came in just after The Blue Monster at Trump National Doral Miami, USA, and before Golf de Spérone, France.

The golfscape Blog wrote about Royal Bled: Royal Bled, having first held a round of golf in 1937, is considered the birthplace of golf in Slovenia. The course is flanked by towering mountains and the impressive valleys of the Alps. With excellently manicured grounds, many hail it as one of the most beautiful courses in all of Europe.


Lipica is mostly known as the famous Stud Farm, which is home to stunning white horses called Lippizaners. By the Lipica Stud Farm, located in the Karst Slovenia you will also find an amazing Slovenian golf course. A trip to Lipica can be a top experience for the whole family. While you golf, thee kids can go explore the Stud Farm.

A fine nine-hole course built according to the designs of legendary course architect Donald Harradine, Lipica is the only course in Slovenia that is officially open throughout the entire year.

Zlati Grič golf course

The Zlati Grič course in Slovenske Konjice is the second in the Štajerska region of Slovenia. This nine-hole Slovenian golf course with a total area of 24 hectares is situated between the Pohorje Hills and Mt. Konjiška Gora in the valley of the River Dravinja. The total length of the playing area is 2,200 meters, and the par for the course is 33.

This Slovenian golf course is a special one, as the course runs along the vineyard of the Zlati Grič vinery. What a unique experience for our fellow golfers!

Arboretum Volčji Potok

Located 30 minutes away from the capital city of Slovenia is our next top Slovenian golf course. Arboretum Volčji Potok is one of the newest golf courses in Slovenia. The par for the course is 77, and the course is longer than 5.4 kilometers. It might not be the longest course, but it is more than tough enough for even the most avid of golfers.

Playing golf in Arboretum Vočji Potok is one of the top experiences in Slovenia when it comes to golfing especially due to the pleasant natural environment, the amazing golf course which stretches across smaller artificial lakes and pine forests. While golfing in Arboretum Volčji Potok you can also enjoy breathtaking views of the Kamnik Alps. What more could one want?

Diners Golf Ljubljana

Diners Golf Ljubljana is one of the most popular golf courses as it is close to Ljubljana. Below the popular hiking trail of Šmarna Gora hill, you will find the 18-hole course, which is distinguished by its length (6,200 meters), and dynamic diversity.

Despite the broad popularity of this Slovenian golf course, you don’t need to worry about not being able to golf there, as Diners Golf Course can accommodate up to 120 players at the same time. Impressive, right?


The Otočec Golf Course is close to the famous Otočec Castle and Struga Castle by the River Krka. Otočec golf course is one of the top Slovenian golf courses.

Both amateurs and professional players will enjoy the slightly hilly terrain of this course, which has more than 50 hectares of playing surfaces, with a par of 72, a total length of 6,200 meters, a challengingly long hole of 568 meters and is a championship course.

Moravske Toplice golf course

Golf enthusiasts can test their swing on the longest fairway in Slovenia at the Livada Golf Course! On top of the golfing challenges, there are other things here to captivate and delight you. You are sure to love the endless green plains of Prekmurje.

In the immediate vicinity of the Moravske Toplice spa you can try the 18-hole golf course, which also has a training ground for practising short and long hits and a putting green. Book your vacation stay at Moravske Toplice and enjoy some spa time after a long day of golfing!

For any general golf-related queries the best people to contact are probably at the Professional Golfers’ Association of Slovenia.