Coronavirus in Slovenia: more than 225 people tested


Coronavirus is still spreading with more than 90.000 people infected around the world. The death toll of the Coronavirus outbreak took more than 3.000 lives.

How ready is Slovenia for a possible Coronavirus outbreak?

Slovenia still remains the country without confirmed Coronavirus cases. As of this moment, more than 200 people have been tested in Slovenia for a possible Coronavirus infection. All the tests came back negative, however, the officials warn the first case of Coronavirus is just the matter of time.

Slovenian natural spas and wellnesses are prepared for a possible case of infection with Coronavirus. Schools and other public institutions remain open until further notice. Health officials warn about hygiene during the Coronavirus outbreak in Europe. Read more about the advice on how to stay safe from possible infection with Coronavirus in Slovenia, here.

Slovenia is already experiencing the affect of Coronavirus. The number of overnight stays in Slovenia during the outbreak of Coronavirus has drastically decreased. Slovenia’s tourism has been worst hit by the outbreak of the coronavirus – mostly due to travel cancellations of Asian tourists. The situation could be exacerbated by the virus spreading to neighboring countries.

The tourism sector is not the only one being affected during the outbreak of Coronavirus in Slovenia. Both the economy and business sectors are reporting first lose due to the spread of Coronavirus in Europe. Read more about how Coronavirus is affecting Slovenia, here.

How safe is Slovenia from Coronavirus?

Despite the number of confirmed infections with Coronavirus is on the rise, especially in Italy the borders in Europe remain open, as the governments and EU do not wish to make the outbreak of Coronavirus a political issue. Read the statement from EU officials, here.

UN Humanitarian Chief Mark Lowcock today released US$15 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to help fund global efforts to contain the COVID-19 virus.

The announcement came as the World Health Organization (WHO) upgraded the global risk of the coronavirus outbreak to “very high” – its top level of risk assessment. The WHO has said there is still a chance of containing the virus if its chain of transmission is broken.

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The sudden increases of cases in Italy, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Korea are deeply concerning. There are now cases linked to Iran in Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait,and Oman, along with cases linked to Italy in Algeria, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Spain,and Switzerland.

The fight against the Coronavirus continues throughout Europe, with the main focus in Italy, where the outbreak of Coronavirus took the biggest toll. More than 30 people have died in total in Italy due to the infection with Coronavirus.

Source: WHO and Slovenska turistična organizacija