Top Slovenian gin: A Journey Through Slovenia’s Distinctive Gin Scene


Slovenia, a captivating blend of the Alps and the Adriatic Sea, isn’t just a haven for scenic beauty; it’s also home to some of the most exceptional gin producers. In this exploration, we’ll navigate through the world of remarkable Slovenian gins, where the mastery of distillation captures the hearts of even the most discerning enthusiasts.

1. Broken Bones: Pioneering Distillation in Ljubljana Broken Bones Gin, a creation born from the collaborative passion of Boštjan Marušič and Borut Osojnik in 2016, stands as a beacon of excellence. Offering five gin varieties, including London Dry, Navy Strength, Ljubljana Dragon, Old Tom, and limited-edition gins, the distillery distinguishes itself with a singular single-malt whiskey. Diversifying the whiskey experience into classic and smoky versions, each bottle bears the hallmark of exceptional quality and imaginative craftsmanship. It’s not just gin; it’s the art of distillation rewriting the rules. Explore their offerings at

2. Karakter Distillery: Bohinj’s Distinctive Flair Nestled in Bohinj, Gin Karakter lives up to its name—bold, fresh, and alluring. The distillery’s commitment to crafting an exceptional taste resonates in every sip, inviting you to immerse yourself in the narrative of Bohinj through Gin Karakter. For more information, visit

3. AUFBIX: Authentic Slovenian Essence in a Bottle AUFBIX, a genuine Slovenian gin, elevates the palate with citrus notes, offering a unique expression of Slovenian identity through distillation. More than a beverage, AUFBIX is a testament to Slovenian craftsmanship. For those seeking a genuinely local experience, AUFBIX is the ideal choice. Explore this unique creation at

4. Limbay Gin: Maritime Elegance from Primorska Gin Limbay, a refined coastal creation, intertwines the essence of the sea with botanicals, reflecting the beauty of the Slovenian coastal region. With each sip, experience the whisper of the bora wind and the aroma of sea salt—an unforgettable journey for lovers of the coastal ambiance. For more information, visit

5. Heaven & Hell Gin by Kiss of Immortality: A Tale of Triumph From the Kiss of Immortality distillery, Heaven & Hell Gin unfolds a story where hope triumphs over evil. Beyond being a beverage, this gin reflects the passion and determination of its creators, Robert and Tanja Sobočan. Acknowledged internationally with awards from competitions like ISC and IWSC, Heaven & Hell Gin is a premium product resonating with love and excellence. Explore more at

6. Bratinov Gin: Minimalistic Brilliance Bratinov Gin is a minimalist masterpiece, transcending ordinary tastes with saturated flavors of Karst and Sicilian aromas. More than just a base for gin and tonic, it ventures into the realm of experimental cocktails like the Negroni, revealing a richness that’s hard to describe but impossible to forget. Discover more about this top-notch distillation at

Slovenian gins go beyond being simple beverages; they represent a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Every gin is a meticulous combination of locally sourced herbs, spices, and ingredients, reflecting the unparalleled beauty of the Slovenian landscape. The degustation experience unravels intricate flavors, underscoring the diversity and excellence of our gin production. It’s a carefully crafted and thoughtfully created art form, where each bottle encapsulates the unique characteristics of the Slovenian land.