TOP 100 richest Slovenes in 2023 – How much they are worth, who they are, what is their business?

Igor Lah is the new wealthiest Slovene in 2023
Igor Lah is the new wealthiest Slovene in 2023

Manager’s List of the 100 Wealthiest Slovenes in 2023 Brings Changes at the Top

The list of the 100 wealthiest Slovenes in 2023 has seen an 8% increase, totaling over half a billion euros, reaching a record €8.7 billion. After a prolonged period, there is a change at the very top of the rankings.

Why is the Wealth Growth Modest Compared to Previous Years? The growth is approximately equivalent to the inflation rate in the last year, with the main reason being the rising costs in companies owned by the top 100.

While companies with robust balance sheets are generally well-prepared for such environmental changes, profit margins have come under pressure. According to numerous annual reports, this trend is expected to continue, hampering the growth of estimated wealth. In the past, high jumps in evaluations were attributed to acquisitions at surprisingly high multiples of profits, a trend no longer observed in the period of rapid interest rate growth.

Entry Threshold Increases by Almost Two Million Euros Compared to Last Year

The entry threshold for the list has risen from €33.3 million to €35.2 million. Approximately 150 individuals with fortunes exceeding €25 million were identified.

Igor Lah and Family Make the Biggest Leap, Surpassing Iza Sia and Samo Login at the top of the list

In terms of euros, the most significant leap was made by Igor Lah, along with his family, whose worth increased by €385 million this year, €119 million more than last year. Consequently, he climbed right on top of the list, above Iza Sia and Samo Login who had been recognized as the wealthiest Slovenes for nine consecutive times.

Igor Lah Claims the Top Spot on the List of the Wealthiest Slovenes in 2023

If not for the division of their wealth after their private separation, Iza Sia and Samo Login would still hold the first place on the list. Since then, their fortunes have been separate, but available data indicates that they were equally represented in the ownership of Outfit7 before the sale, resulting in them sharing the second spot.

The Lah family’s wealth, by our estimation, quadrupled in four years, primarily due to the substantial growth in the value of Steklarna Hrastnik. The company forecasts a net profit of €22 million for this year and is valued at almost a quarter of a billion euros.

Another significant part of their wealth includes real estate, with large buildings in Ljubljana, consolidated under the Ceeref fund. Lah family’s ownership stakes are also evident in some shares of state-owned electricity distribution companies, which the government recently considered acquiring but abandoned the idea due to budgetary constraints.

Four New Faces and Six Returnees on the List This Year

Among the top 100 wealthiest, there are four newcomers and six returnees in 2023, resulting in less dynamic changes compared to previous years.

Notable Newcomer: Jan Oblak, Professional Athlete. The most prominent newcomer is professional athlete Jan Oblak, the captain of the national football team, making his debut on the list of the wealthiest with an estimated wealth of €38.9 million, a figure typically associated with highly esteemed football forwards. He joins three other professional athletes with successful careers in American professional leagues: Luka Dončić, Goran Dragić, and Anže Kopitar.

Jan Oblak is a newcomer on the list of TOP 100 Richeset Slovenes in 2023

How is Wealth Valued for Athletes? For professional athletes, the starting point is gross salaries, adjusted for taxes and estimated expenses (always conservative), without considering potential returns generated through savings management.

Two More New Faces on the List: Damir Popović, the owner of the rapidly growing company IMP Pumps, with an estimated wealth of €40.3 million, and David Svetličič, who climbed the rankings primarily through the production of motorhomes in his company Tourne Mobil, while also being the owner of Asi and Lev.

Demand Surge for Heat Pumps Leads to Significant Jumps on the List

Not surprisingly, companies offering efficient energy solutions are responsible for substantial increases in the rankings of the wealthiest Slovenes in 2023 and the debut of their owners among the top 100.

The Most Significant Percentage Leap: The owners of successful heat pump manufacturer Kronoterm, Bogdan Kronovšek and Nataša Besednjak, experienced a surge of 171% in income, bringing their estimated wealth to €72.6 million, an 83% increase.

The demand for heat pumps also propelled the Velenje-based company Firšt, owned by Franc and Elizabeta Firšt, specialists in valves and regulators for heating, with an estimated wealth of €36.9 million, making them newcomers among the top 100.

First Appearance in the Top 10 for the Owner of Dewesoft, Jure Knez

Highlighting Jure Knez, the majority owner of Dewesoft in Trbovlje, a developer of measurement technology and data collection software.

Since its establishment in 2000, Dewesoft has consistently recorded growing revenues. Last year, the company generated €76.4 million in revenue with a 31% EBIT profit margin. Semi-annual results predict an even better year.

His wealth estimate increased by €90 million to €243 million, six times more than four years ago. Jure Knez has entered the top 10 wealthiest Slovenes for the first time, holding the 7th position just ahead of Damian Merlak.

Top 100 Wealthiest Slovenes List for 2023

Rank 2023Name and last nameNet Worth 2023 (v mio EUR)Difference 2022 vs 2023 (%)
1.Lah, družina38545
2.Iza Sia Login3450
2.Samo Login3450
4.Boštjan Bandelj276−6
5.Šešok, družina270−10
6.Vesna in Dari Južna26818
7.Jure Knez24359
8.Damian Merlak23611
9.Joc Pečečnik2180
10.Igor Akrapovič21320
10.Ivo in Anastasia Taja Boscarol21310

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