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Gold Gin 47


Heaven & Hell Gin brings an unforgettable story of unforgettable flavours.

Type: London Dry Gin (all herbs are added during the distillation process)

Characteristics: Fresh, fruity notes

Distillation: maceration


Boiler: copper boiler without column

Volume: 700 ml

Alk: 47 vol.%

Origin: Made in the EU

Heaven & Hell Gin does not contain any added sugars. It is made in limited batches and bottled by hand.

Recommended tonic: Fever Tree

✈ We dont ship this product to Usa, Australia, Canada


47 tears of the Divine flowed down from the mountaintops onto the fertile earth, from which sprouted 21 burning, fiery and soothing medicinal plants – 21 fresh, sweet and pure, joined by fire, water, earth and soil. With the last tear of the juniper berries, the elexir of life was born, united in the special opium of the divine.

The traditional distillation of perfection has captured 47 different, 100% natural botanicals, combined in a sophisticated blend.

Heaven & Hell Gin brings with it an unforgettable story of unforgettable flavours.


The embrace of macerate of almonds, fragrant wild cherries and aniseed is left to diffuse the flavours of the addition of 44 herbs throughout different time periods. Ageing is our ally, bringing out the best in every herb. In the glow of a gentle, slow distillation, a juniper base emerges from the three dominant aromas,

mixed with the finest demineralised water, which is combined to form a 47% alcohol level left to age for 47 days. Time and the gentleness of the magic of blending are the keys to our complete success.


The angel of the wild cherry tree left a redness of colour and taste as it rose from the ashes towards the sky. But the vice is the place where he was intercepted by the demons of Anise of the anise stars. The fallen angel found his almond kiss in the juniper berries that brought him back to life.


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