Slovenia – the new wine destination of 2020


On the website of The South China Morning Post, they published an article this week toasting to the new “hot” wine destinations, where they also mentioned Slovenia.

Tuscany? Napa Valley? Let’s toast the new wine hotspots in Slovenia, Portugal – and even Texas.

Cheers to that!

Author of the article Elizabeth Kerr wrote about Slovenia in her article: “With a wine tradition that predates the Romans, Slovenia is among the best examples of discovery through enotourism. With more than 90 percent of its wine production consumed at home, Slovenia is Europe’s sleeping wine giant. Bordering Italy’s northeast corner, Slovenian viticulture has much in common with Friuli Venezia Giulia next door, but an Italian refosco and a Slovenian refošk could not be more distinct. Among the stars of its primary Drava, Lower Sava and Littoral regions are the nutty, white zelen, an indigenous grape almost wiped out in the last century but saved by a consortium of Slovenian producers, and robust teran reds from the Karst area’s terra rosa.”

Source: Slovenska turistična organizacija in The South China Morning Post